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AI Bots in Action for Contact Deflection and Automation
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Marketing Videos

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Case Study: How the AA Ireland Increased Sales Conversions with a Digital Assistant
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Customer Story: Integration of Digital Assistant with Zendesk
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Conversational AI for Insurance
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AI Bots in Action for Contact Deflection and Automation
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Travel Use Cases for Conversational AI
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Conversational AI Automates Customer Engagement

Webinar Videos

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Maximize Sales Conversions using AI Bots in Quotation Journeys
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Building Multi-Bot Conversational AI Solutions
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Enterprise CAI Strategy: To Build or Not to Build
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From Onboarding to IT Helpdesk: How an AI Bot Boosts Employee Self-Service

Product “How-To” Videos

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How to Build Your First Chatbot in 4 Minutes
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Overview of ServisBOT’s Conversational AI Platform
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