Transform Mortgage Journeys with AI Bots

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Deploy Smart Mortgage Bots. Experience Immediate Benefits.

Increase Self-service Rates

Increase Self Service Resolution Rates

Reduce Claims Resolutions Time

Reduce the Cost of Service

enhance customer experience

Improve Customer Experience

Accelerate Speed to Market with Blueprints for Mortgage Bots

Unwrap a bot blueprint and modify it to meet your business needs. Our blueprints are packaged to help you create bot experiences for a growing range of mortgage interactions. Meet some of our mortgage bot stars.

Application Bot

Loan Origination Bot

Onboarding Bot

OnBoarding Bot

Anti-Fraud Bot

Borrower Bot

Loyalty Bot solutions

Forbearance Bot

Integrated with Black Knight Servicing Digital for Seamless Customer Experience

Automate secure self-service access to mortgage related info and documents

“ServisBOT’s integration with Black Knight has allowed us to automate homeowner requests for services like payments, autopay and document access.”

Shanth Ananthuni, Director of Digital Transformation at Cenlar FSB

Increase Conversion Rates and Speed on Applications

Applying for a mortgage and require document upload and verification?

The mortgage application process can be tedious with dozens of form-based questions, proof docs to be provided, and data to be validated. This is before the application is even passed on for approval.

Consider an application process that allows you to convert customers faster by reducing friction and delays. By deploying an Application or OnBoarding Bot, a customer can be brought through a conversational journey, gathering necessary info and docs, while simultaneously answering queries, shortening the time to submit. Customers can submit a fully completed application day or night and with greater speed and less friction.

Self Service Access to Borrower Services using Conversational AI Bots

Immediate, self service access to all loan-related info is critical for homeowner satisfaction.

For many consumers, the ability to verify mortgage payment amounts, request payoffs, access tax forms, request forbearance, or manage other aspects of their accounts in a timely and efficient manner is critical to meeting homeowners on their terms and providing a real-time view of accounts.

A Borrower Bot integrated with your mortgage servicing software (like Black Knight) makes it easy for customers to manage account details and make account-related requests in a frictionless manner. The bot can handle user authentication, automate account-related workflows, add personalization to the conversation by accessing the information needed to meet the customer’s exact need or provide a warm handover to a human agent.

View Cenlar FSB’s case study video

Defer Payments due to Hardship? There’s a Bot For That.

Homeowners seeking forbearance due to financial hardship? 

A forbearance bot can automate the process for borrowers reaching out to request a temporary pause on their mortgage payments. Chatbots allow homeowners an alternative channel to quickly and easily get responses to their queries without having to scroll through a
lengthy FAQ, wait on hold or click an resort to email. A digital self-service option like a chatbot enables all of this, as well as facilitate the process of applying for forbearance, taking the burden off the agent for the most common asked questions and processes. 

Learn more about Forbearance Bots in this Case Study

Increase Productivity and Job Satisfaction of Agents with Generative AI

What more can you do to create better work experiences for your agent teams?

Acquiring and retaining agents in today’s competitive market is key to success. The responsibility for employee satisfaction goes beyond transactional management, extending to a whole range of experiences that shape how employees connect to your brand and culture.

Our productivity tools for agents incorporate the latest tech (GPT-3/GPT-4) and offer dramatic improvements in agent handling time and satisfaction with tools like conversation summaries and knowledge-base queries.

View Webinar on Use Cases for GPT-3/GPT-4

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