Banking Bots

Better Banking with Bots 

From checking account status or activating a debit card, to getting approved for a loan, AI transforms banking by engaging with customers across many different journeys, offering convenience at a lower cost of delivery.

Bots: Your Efficient Bank Teller

Reduce agent handling of account queries using bot-powered automation

For many consumers the ability to verify their account balance, request recent transactions, transfer money, pay bills, or manage other aspects of their accounts is critical to keep tabs on their spending and cash flow.  

An Account Bot makes it easy for customers to manage the details of their accounts and make account-related requests in a single frictionless conversation. The bot can handle user authentication, automate the necessary account-related workflows, and add intelligence to the conversation by accessing the information needed to meet the customer’s exact need.

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Make Loan Approvals a Smooth Journey 

Onboarding customers efficiently and in their channel means better business

Applying for a loan can be an important life event but getting approval can be daunting for your customers. Yet it’s important to get it right, verifying credit scores or other pertinent information that will help protect the lender. It’s not just about rates and terms, the customer experience as they are being approved can also make or break a deal. This means engaging in their preferred channel and at their convenience, in ways that reduce friction and speed the approval process.

Imagine an Onboarding Bot that engages with a customer after they have applied for a loan and takes them through the necessary steps towards approval, requesting images of proof documents, capturing confirmation via digital signing, and answering queries along the way – all via chat. All this can happen in a frictionless chat where the bot can access customer information from internal systems and automate the business tasks necessary to process the loan approval.

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It’s That Higher Quality, Lower Cost Kind of Service.

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