Smarter Banking with Conversational Bots

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Deploy Smart Banking Bots. Experience Immediate Benefits.

Growth in Self Service Sales

Increase Conversion Rates

Reduce Claims Resolutions Time

Reduce the Cost of Service

Increase Renewal Rates

Lower Losses from Fraud

Accelerate Speed to Market with Blueprints for Banking Bots

Unwrap a bot blueprint in your account and modify it to meet your business needs. Our blueprints help you create bot experiences for a growing range of banking interactions. Meet some of our banking bot stars.

Increase Conversion Rates and Speed on Applications

Applying for a credit card or a car loan? One of the first things you need customers to do is to complete an application, providing personal information and their specific requirements. The application process can be tedious with several form fields to be completed, proof docs to be provided, and data to be validated. This is before the application is even passed on for approval.

Consider an application process that allows you to convert customers faster by reducing friction and delays. By deploying an Application Bot a customer can be brought through a conversational journey, gathering necessary information and document images, answering customer queries, and shortening the time to submit. Customers can submit a fully completed application day or night and with greater speed and less friction.

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Chatbots: Your Efficient Bank Teller

Managing personal finances is key to financial health. For many consumers, the ability to verify their account balance, request recent transactions, transfer money, pay bills, or manage other aspects of their accounts in a timely and efficient manner is critical to keep tabs on their spending and cash flow.

An Account Bot makes it easy for customers to manage the details of their accounts and make account-related requests in a single frictionless conversation. The bot can handle user authentication, automate the necessary account-related workflows, and add intelligence to the conversation by accessing the information needed to meet the customer’s exact need.

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Anti-Fraud Alert? There’s a Bot For That.

Suspicious account activity or transactions detected? The sooner a customer or their banking partner is alerted to potential fraud, the earlier the actions can be taken to limit damage and losses.

An Anti-fraud bot can reach out across different channels to alert a customer as soon as suspicious activity is detected on their account. The bot can validate unusual transactions with a customer and take the appropriate steps, avoiding unnecessary blocking or cancelation actions. In the case of confirmed fraud, the bot can automate the workflow to cancel the card and re-issue a new one. The bot can also respond to customers reporting suspicious activity or asking fraud-related questions. Working 24/7 and available in multiple digital channels, this chatbot’s mission is to prevent or limit fraud-related losses and offer customers peace of mind.

Better Experience Creates Loyal Customers

What more can you do to serve your best customers? Acquiring and retaining customers in today’s competitive banking market is key to success. Customer loyalty goes beyond the transactional management of your customer’s finances, extending to a whole range of experiences that shape how consumers connect to your brand.

A Loyalty banking chatbot can be deployed to interact with customers or program members, offering them personalized offers, rewards, or information that creates stickiness. Think of a member of a credit card reward program who receives a notification from a bot, offering them a discount on a local restaurant or early access to event tickets. Increased frequency of contextual and personalized interactions is made possible with a loyalty bot that can insert itself across different banking interactions or just reach out proactively.

Build Brand Loyalty with Bots

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