Get Better Bots to Market Faster | Build, Enhance and Orchestrate Amazon Lex Bots using the ServisBOT CAIP

Discover how to accelerate bot development and create high-performing conversational experiences quickly, through the creation of Amazon Lex bots, the enhancement of existing Lex bots, and the orchestration of any bots in your ecosystem (no matter what NLP). ServisBOT helps both developers and business users alike take existing Amazon Lex investments to the next level.

Highlights of this demo webinar recording include:

• How to build and enhance digital self service bot solutions powered by Amazon Lex, Amazon Connect & other AWS Technologies and Services.

• See a multi-bot demo featuring the orchestration of bots, built on various platforms across a single enterprise.

Also, learn more about a test drive trial experience, built specifically for Amazon Lex bot builders to build or enhance their bot solutions. Register for that demo experience here.

How we help enhance Amazon Lex Bot Building:
• Connect your Amazon Lex account from within the ServisBOT platform and get access to your existing projects
• Get started quickly using pre-built blueprints and instantly add a hosted rich-media messenger
• Create, edit, upload, and/or export intents and utterances
• Drop in rich media components (carousels, images, videos, menus, calendars, etc.)
• Add a range of reusable fulfillment actions without any coding
• Connect process-oriented Action Flows to intents using a drag-n-drop designer
• Add pre-configured skills that enhance the bot
• Access to Amazon Lex, Amazon Connect as well other AI services

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