Demo: How to Easily Build and Enhance an Amazon Lex Bot using the ServisBOT Platform

ServisBOT’s conversational AI platform, built on an AWS technology stack, empowers both developers and business users to accelerate their bot development and scale their solutions quickly, enabling them to create enhanced Lex bot solutions and get them to market faster.

In this video, we explain and demonstrate the creation of a conversational bot managed by ServisBOT and running on Amazon Lex. Starting by choosing a pre-built blueprint we show how easily you can add intents, utterances, and fulfillment to your Lex bot. The demo then goes on to highlight the benefits of ServisBOT’s platform features when combined with Amazon Lex as the NLP, including the hosted messenger that automatically forms part of the bot experience, as well as the rich media components that can be easily dropped in as you build your bot.

A centralized CMS makes it easy to share and update content and pull different types of content directly into the experience. Our drag-n-drop flow designer enables process-oriented flows, API calls, and business logic to be quickly and easily incorporated, enabling the automation of multi-step or complex user journeys. Fallback actions can be easily configured, such as handover to human agents via integration with common live chat systems.

Highlights of ServisBOT’s Conversational AI Platform benefits include:

1. Supporting the largest list of NLP engines and live chat systems, the ServisBOT platform provides low code tools that make it easy to:

  • Get started quickly using Pre-built Blueprints and instantly add a hosted rich-media messenger
  • Easy creation, editing, upload, and/or export of Intents and Utterances 
  • Add a wide variety of Reusable Fulfillment actions without any code
  • Select from the largest library of Rich Media Components (carousels, images, videos, menus, calendars, etc.)
  • Connect process-oriented Action Flows to intents using a drag-n-drop designer
  • Add Pre-configured Skills that enhance the bot (e.g. language, document capture, small talk, and more)
  • Native connection to Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect as well other AI services
  • Out-of-the-box integrations to all the leading contact center systems.

2. Built on core AWS services like Cognito, AppSync, KMS, GuardDuty, Cloudwatch, Kinesis, and Fargate the platform provides built-in identity, security & encryption, storage with full logging, monitoring, and analytics available.

3. For organizations that require advanced conversational AI solutions, ServisBOT’s multi-bot architecture enables multiple Lex bots to be orchestrated into a unified and enhanced experience. With a fully serverless architecture, the platform takes care of scaling automatically and provides an enterprise-wide platform for collaboration amongst teams as well as centralized management and control of all bots by enterprise IT.

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