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Conversations Can Set You Apart

Conversational AI represents one of the most significant shifts towards using natural chat as a means of engagement where customers can book things, buy things, get service, and interact across multiple touch points and customer journeys, with reduced reliance on human interactions.

Conversational solutions can help you transform customer and employee engagement across multiple digital channels, taking convenience and customer experience to new levels while lowering operational costs. To achieve this, we provide a chatbot platform for your business to build smart chatbots that focus on exceptional experience and improved business outcomes, no matter what your industry or use case may be.

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What Makes Us Different.

An Army of Bots

Our Army of Bots fulfill specific business tasks, from answering FAQs to scheduling appointments, providing quotations, renewing policies, managing accounts and more.

Smart Virtual Assistant

Our Virtual Assistant coordinates the chat with a customer and routes to the appropriate bot who can fulfill the need. This orchestration ensures a consistent brand experience.

Build Bots Faster, Easier

Our visual designer and bot blueprints allow your business analysts to create smart bots quickly and easily, giving the business more control and speed to market.

AI-Powered Automation

Bots automate business tasks and workflows in order to execute complete customer journeys. Our AI makes them smarter so they can gain additional skills over time.

Different Journeys, Multiple Channels

Smart bots can be created to handle multiple customer or employee engagements, inbound requests, and proactive campaigns, on any digital channel— including voice-activated assistants, email. web, SMS and messaging channels.

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Our Team is At Your Service.

We’re shaping the future of Conversational Engagement for businesses and brands

Cathal McGloin

Cathal McGloin


Ray McGloin

Ray McGloin

Director of Digital Solutions

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Ty Rollin


Kristen Muckleroy

Kristen Muckleroy

VP Marketing

Kevin Moran

Kevin Moran


Cian Clarke

Cian Clarke

Director of Engineering

Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle

Director of Customer Success

Do You Have What It Takes to Join the ServisBOT Army?

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