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Automating Customer & Employee Engagement using AI Chatbots.

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Chatbot Solutions are all about Automation!

By understanding natural language and executing business workflows, our AI bots can either fully or partially automate different customer interactions and journeys. 

Our bot platform makes it easy to build and adapt digital AI assistants and get them to market in a matter of days or weeks.

Imagine automating 60% or more of the routine queries that your live agents handle, leaving them free to resolve the complex ones!

Or maybe you want a chatbot solution to increase online sales conversions by 20%, or reduce the cost of onboarding by 50%, or even a bot to proactively chase customers for missing documents or reminders. Our AI Bots automate engagement where you want them. 


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What Sets us Apart

Our chatbots can handle any type of conversational engagement, whether it is inbound or proactive,  customer or employee, and on any digital channel— web, SMS, email, voice, and messaging channels.

Our Army of Bots offers your business a range of chatbot solutions, engaging from the first point of contact in a customer acquisition cycle to onboarding, order and account management, claims handling, customer service, and renewals. 

We also provide enterprise-class security features to ensure that your business data is always protected, never aggregated, always isolated, and under your control. We make it easy for you to integrate chatbots with your business data, live chat, and/or CMS systems to elevate your customers’ bot experience. 

We are especially proud of our ability to solve some of the more complex NLP issues that our clients experience as their chatbot solutions expand and become more advanced. Our multi-bot orchestration model enables the orchestration of independently managed bots into a unified experience.

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Our AI Team is At Your Service.

We’re shaping the future of conversational AI

Ray McGloin

Ray McGloin

Director of Digital Solutions

Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle

Director of Customer Success

Cian Clarke

Cian Clarke

Director of Engineering

Kristen Muckleroy

Kristen Muckleroy

VP Marketing

Ty Rollin

Ty Rollin


Kevin Moran

Kevin Moran


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