Video: Elevate Borrower Experiences Safely with Generative AI

Elevating Borrower Experiences Safely with Generative AI

Looking to up-level your self-service experiences for borrowers? Watch this video webinar replay where we explore use cases for how to enhance homeowner experiences using advanced AI solutions that blend both Generative and Conversational AI. We will share real-world examples of how we are helping our mortgage customers safely dive into the world of Generative AI and LLMs with a little show and tell via live demo.

We cover:
*How to use Gen AI to create more natural, less scripted, personalized conversational experiences that more accurately respond to borrower queries.

*How Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) can be used to augment the user experience by generating accurate, trusted responses by indexing reliable data sources (like the Fannie Mae Servicing Guidelines).

*How advanced intent classification and context retention surpasses traditional AI models in understanding and classifying borrower intents, leading to more accurate and efficient service for a wide range of inquiries.

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