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Automate Customer & Employee Support with AI Bots

Deploy an AI bot quickly that collaborates with your live chat to automate conversations between customers and staff. Automate interaction throughout the whole client lifecycle to improve customer service and divert calls away from your overworked agents.

Use chatbots to automate tasks based on client intent, functioning round-the-clock with live conversation when required. You can also send out a virtual agent to help and support your live agents by offering advice on the best approach to take and rich media content.

Automation & Containment using a Call Deflection Bot

The Perfect Pairing of AI Bots and RPA

Are your Bots all talk and no action, or all action and no talk?

Elevate back-office robotic process automation (RPA) with a conversational interface to get the dual benefits of chatbots + RPA. Great AI-powered bots understand user intent and can trigger different workflows and fulfillment actions.

Our solutions integrate securely with RPA, CRM, HCM, and many other enterprise systems to deliver more personalized and advanced automation solutions. Our integration layer protects your customer and employee data at all times. 

Embrace CAI automation to help you get things done more efficiently and at a lower cost. Customers and employees will delight in end-to-end self-service experiences.

Explore CAI & RPA

Low Code Tools Enable You to Build & Manage Your Own Bots

Let your dream bot become a reality. Don’t let AI or technology daunt you. Our low code tools make it easy for business analysts to quickly build and deploy chatbot solutions that bring digital self-service to life. The business can easily maintain and manage their own updates and enhance the skills of their bot projects over time.

We also provide tooling for enterprise developers to build and scale more complex conversational experiences, centralizing the essential enterprise components around security, identity management, backend integration, analytics, and deployment.

Get your chatbot solutions to market faster and stay in control.

AI Bot Case Study: Quote to Sale Conversion

Orchestrate Multiple Bots for a Unified Experience

Each of our AI bots has a specific skill set, just like your human agents are trained as subject matter experts. Whether that is answering customer service queries, renewing a policy, providing IT support to employees, or onboarding a new customer, our chatbot platform makes it easy for you to build and manage chatbot solutions no matter what your business use case is.  

With our multi-bot architecture, you can manage and orchestrate multiple bots to create more sophisticated and unified experiences. With this modular approach, you can also expand and scale your self service AI projects with ease and efficiency.

Orchestrating Multiple Bots 

“We couldn’t pass up the chance to deploy AI bots to increase conversion rates and streamline customer support operations.”

Louise McCormack, AA Ireland, Customer Lifecycle Manager  

AI Case Study 5

Stay Agile and Avoid NLP Lock-in 

Are you worried about being tied to a particular NLP?

Our chatbot platform supports the AI engines that are most suitable to your business and use cases. You don’t have to stick with a single NLP engine. Whether you are using Amazon Lex, Google DialogFlow, IBM Watson, Microsoft Luis, Rasa,, or a combination of some of these, our platform has you covered. Your bots can be portable across many different AI engines so there’s no lock-in or limitations. You can even Bring-Your-Own-Bot to our platform and continue to build using our tools and taking advantage of our advanced platform features. 

In this fast-paced world of AI technology, stay nimble and agile so you can future-proof your AI investment and not be tied into proprietary or monolithic solutions. 

Digital Transformation is a Journey

What is your Bot Maturity Stage?

Technology adoption is often a journey. You may have initiated your journey with a single basic chatbot or you may have several bots in production. No matter what stage you are at there are opportunities to improve and hurdles to overcome.

Our chatbot platform supports you whether you are increasing the functionality of your first chatbot, extending the technology across more advanced use cases or parts of your business, or expanding the scope of your bot projects to a broader customer base and/or languages.

Check out your bot maturity stage and discover some useful tips on progressing your projects and capturing the benefits of enhanced customer experience, increased automation, and a scalable and resilient architecture. 

Download our CAI Journey Guidebook

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