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A Conversational AI Platform for the Enterprise

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Virtual Assistant for Bot Orchestration

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Tools to Build and Deploy Bots

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Blueprints for Out-of-the-Box Solutions

Supercharged by the Virtual Assistant

Our Virtual Assistant is the superbot that manages and orchestrates all other bots. This clever bot maintains the conversation with the customer across different channels while orchestrating the underlying bots, who carry out specific missions or manage journeys.

The Virtual Assistant is the brain that also handles identity, language, escalation, and decision-making, using artificial intelligence to deliver a consistent brand experience to your users.

Why the Virtual Assistant?

Deploy an Army of Bots

Each of our chatbots has a specific mission, whether that is answering FAQs, renewing a subscription, or onboarding an employee. We allow you to create an army of bots to handle different parts of the customer engagement journey.

Bots can handle both inbound and outbound customer interactions. Different types of bots can be used for different tasks ranging from natural language detection to workflows, human handover, and business intent execution.

They can work on their own or together as an army to fulfill the customer need.

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Build Bots Faster

Let your dream bot become a reality. Don’t let artificial intelligence or technology daunt you. Our bot blueprints and visual design tools make life a lot easier for business users.

We also provide tooling for enterprise developers to build and test bots for scale and automate their deployment.

Get your bots to market faster and engage in new and exciting ways with your customers. You can bring your own bots too.

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Automate Customer Journeys

Are your bots all talk and no action?

Our smart bots work for your business, streamlining complete customer journeys, and automating business workflows. We provide an integration layer to inject enterprise data securely into conversation flow to deliver business outcomes.

Deploy bots that get things done more efficiently and at a lower cost. That’s the beauty of our Conversational AI Platform.

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Our Conversational AI Makes Chatbots Smarter

Are your chatbots failing to live up to expectations?

Whether it’s learning new skills, different languages, or making small talk, we can make your bots smarter. Our conversational AI model is built for scale and intelligence.

Raise your bot IQ and engage in more meaningful and personalized ways. 

Make Your Bots Smarter?

“The potential to use AI-powered chatbots to improve our conversion rates, while providing operational efficiencies across customer service, was an opportunity we couldn’t ignore.”

Louise McCormack, AA Ireland, Customer Lifecycle Manager

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10 Bot Use Cases to Transform Customer Engagement

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