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Your customers want a simple, convenient and accurate service experience. We transform customer service conversations through messaging, AI and automation.

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channels of communications

Technology Meets Customer Service for the Digital World.



Facilitate convenient and engaging rich-media conversations with customers across web, mobile, social and new digital channels.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Designed specifically for the customer service domain to optimize accuracy in interpreting customer requests and deliver more efficient results.



Making it easy for operations teams to automate repetitive tasks and deploy bots to help lower cost of delivery and enable 24×7 customer service.

What’s Sweeter than Higher Service Quality at a Lower Cost of Delivery?

You don’t have to make tradeoffs between service costs and customer delight. We deliver simple, convenient and powerful solutions in customer interaction management that transform service quality while reducing service costs.

Finally, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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AI will power 85% of customer service interactions by 2020.

The Customer Experience in 2020, Gartner

It’s Your Customer’s World. You’re Living In It.

Your customers live in a multi-channel reality, and expect exceptional service where and when they want it.

Their Way

Accommodate customer service requests through SMS, social, mobile or desktop chat, voice, email, in-app, digital assistants – in fact, any digital channel.

On Their Time

Allow customers self-serve access to high quality service on their time and at their pace without the need for round-the-clock staffing.

Without Repeating Themselves

Maintain a single, persistent record of customer service interactions across channels and time so that your customer will never have to tell the same story twice again.

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They’re Focused on the Math. We’re Focused on Your Customer.

Unlike the competitors, our customer service AI is built on a rich library of positive customer service experiences that are tailored to your business, coupled with a multi-classifier approach and agile, best practice-focused outcome management.

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Solve Complex Problems with Ease.

With ServisBOT, you can automate responses and backend tasks, creating and deploying sophisticated conversation and process flows in a matter of minutes.

AI-Powered Automation

Respond to customers 24/7 using a virtual assistant and create a more convenient experience for customers while lowering the cost of delivery.

Visual Flow Designer

Use our drag and drop flow designer to map new conversation flows and automate complex processes unique to your business.

Army of Bots

Extend the reach of your service team with our pre-built Army of Bots, to help deliver your service, or design your own bot.

Learn Why Automation is Important to CSX

All Bots Are Not Created Equal.

While some of our bots specialize in chat, others leverage AI and machine learning to auto-solve more complex service problems. We call them ServisBOTs.

Meet the ServisBOT Army

80% of millenials would rather text a company’s customer service than wait on hold.

OpenMarket, Survey on Millennials, 2016

We Play Nice with Others.

We complement market-leading CRMs and contact center solutions. Implementation is nearly instantaneous, and integration is downright easy.

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