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Generate and Convert Leads to Revenue

Put AI Assistants to Work for Meaningful and Better Lead Conversion

By integrating conversational and generative AI capabilities, marketing AI Assistants can understand the intent of prospects and engage with them in more immediate, personalized and automated ways. 

With the ability to gather information, tailor offers and products to individual needs, respond to queries, and even proactively encourage prospects to complete application tasks, your business will delight in higher conversion rates.

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Our AI Assistants Love Action

Enabling Higher Levels of Automation

Advancements in AI are enabling higher levels of automation and self-service. With AI-assisted access to information, internal processes such as document capture, customer updates, payment processing, and risk management can be even further automated.

AI-assisted automation gets things done efficiently and at lower cost. Your customers will delight in faster resolution rates and more personalized engagement.

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Real-Time Risk Detection for More Proactive Management

Utilizing AI to Identify Risk Indicators in Large Unstructured Datasets.

Imagine applying generative AI solutions to summarize customer interactions and transactions, conversation histories, and other unstructured datasets to uncover risk indicators that can inform faster risk-mitigating decisions.

An AI Assistant can analyze vast amounts of unstructured data in your business to identify trends and anomalies that could signal risk issues, enabling more proactive management and lower risk-related exposure.

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Driving Down Costs and Increasing Value 

AI-driven Self-service, Automation, and Decision-making means Lower Costs.

Our AI Assistants engage via voice and chat to help resolve customer issues. They also act as copilots for back office staff, summarize documents, analyze data in realtime, and automate processes.

Your business benefits from higher efficiency and lower costs while your agents can focus on more complex and higher value tasks.

“In effect, what started as solving a problem has become one of our largest digital success stories.”

Josh Reicher, Chief Digital Officer, Cenlar FSB
Josh Reicher

Better Insights Means Better Decisions

The more data, even unstructured data, the better the insights and the responses.

Large Language Models excel at processing vast amounts of data, structured and unstructured. and can quickly extract data on trends, customer preferences, sentiment, compliance issues, risk anomalies, and other useful data.

This helps across a wide range of business use cases, guiding faster and better decision-making, improved personalization, adherence to compliance, and risk factor identification.
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