Enabling Lex Developers to Build Better Bots, Faster

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Accelerating Bot Development for Lex Developers & Business Users

Our Conversational AI Platform empowers both IT and business users to accelerate bot development and improve NLU accuracy. Low code tools make rapid prototyping and access to data services faster and easier. You’ll also love how easy it is to add fulfilment and process execution to your bot experiences. For advanced solutions, our multi-bot orchestration model let’s your Lex bots play nicely together. 

Create the self-service experiences that your customers and employees will love while enjoying the benefits of AI-powered automation.

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Orchestrate Multiple Lex Bots

Advanced conversational AI experiences may require multiple Lex bots that need to be orchestrated and managed. A bot orchestrator is at the heart of this architecture, detecting intent and routing requests accordingly to the bot(s) who is best skilled to execute the request.

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Multiple Bot Use Cases

Automate engagement with customers or employees across different interactions or journeys by putting Lex bots to work. Whether it’s assisting with customer acquisition or onboarding, providing IT support for employees, or renewing contracts, bots can help your bottom line. 

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Bot Building Made Easier

Low code tools helps business users and developers get Lex bots to market fast. The platform provides tooling for IT to build and test bots at scale, while our blueprints and visual designer allow business users to create their own self-service experiences.

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Securely Integrate with Business Systems

Connect Lex bots securely to internal business and contact center systems using out-of-the-box and custom APIs. Integrations are set up and managed centrally in the platform. Secure integration ensures that data is protected and never leaves your environment.

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Add Bot Skills with Ease

Whether it’s learning new skills, different languages or making small talk, it’s easy to add more skills to your Lex bots. Pre-configured skills, reusable action flows, intent libraries, and out-of-the-box workers can be dropped in as you create or extend your bot’s capabilities.

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Different Journeys, Multiple Channels

Pick the engagement adaptors to easily enable your Lex bots to interact on a wide range of text and voice channels – web, mobile, SMS, Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Alexa, and more. 

Certified AWS Security Practices

At ServisBOT, security is baked into everything we do. We offer enterprise-class security measures to ensure that client data is always safe, never aggregated, always isolated, and under your management. Our customers can rest comfortable knowing that their data is secure, their communications are private, and their business operations are protected.

We provide best in class security through a combination of enterprise SaaS features, specialized ServisBOT features, and operational excellence within the disciplines of physical, application, data and network security, as well as compliance, availability and business continuity.

ServisBOT and AWS Services

Built as a serverless SaaS offering on AWS, the platform contains the following core AWS services – AppSync, Lamda, Dynamo, Lex and Sagemaker. These services are extended by Translate, Polly, Transcribe, Comprehend, Rekognition and Sumerian.


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