Put AI Assistants at the Forefront of Customer Service Automation 

Create an Exceptional Experience using Advanced AI Assistants.

Growth in Self Service Sales

Increase Self-Service Resolution Rates

Reduce Claims Resolutions Time

Lower the Cost of Service Delivery

Increase Renewal Rates

Improve Customer Experience

Let our Customer Service AI Assistants do the Heavy Lifting

Explore the many customer service use cases for conversational and generative AI in your contact center. Whether it’s text or voice we can get your AI Assistants to market quickly. Meet our AI Customer Service stars.


FAQ Assistant

Alert Bot

Proactive Assistant

Appointment Bot

Agent Copilot

Complaint Bot solutions

Complaint Assistant

Deflect Routine Customer Queries to an AI Assistant

Are routine and repetitive customer requests consuming your agents’ time? Why not deflect some of your inbound traffic to a channel where a digital assistant can help your customers, handing over to live agents when necessary? 

An AI assistant, powered by conversational and generative AI, can handle common customer service queries in more efficient and cost-effective ways. It can understand customer intent, conduct a conversation to gather more details, and even automate underlying tasks so as to fulfill their need. It can either fully or partially automate, referring information and tasks to a live agent, where needed, and passing along the context in doing so.  See how you can boost your containment rate using a chatbot.


AI Assistants Can Be Proactive Too

You don’t always have to wait until your customers reach out to you. Customer service can be proactive too, updating customers on status, reminding them of overdue payments, or nudging them to complete an application, renewal, or onboarding process. Conversational AI solutions support proactive and innovative outreach to your customers – helping you to build customer loyalty, reduce churn, win back lost customers, or collect late payments. Anticipate your customer’s needs, prevent issues occurring, and build relationships through continuous communication with your customers. Don’t just reach out when you want something. Execute campaigns across multiple digital and voice channels more cost-effectively than traditional channels.

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Faster Complaint Handling and Resolution

Having to deal with angry clients is never simple. However, responding to complaints is a normal aspect of providing customer service, and the outcome can make or break a positive relationship.
The power of generative AI to infer sentiment and provide more empathetic responses enables AI assistants to respond to and address client complaints in more sensitive ways than traditional intent-driven AI solutions. Generative AI is also powerful when it is applied to analyze conversational history and detect potential customer issues and frustration. The customer’s issue can then be more proactively addressed, a workflow can be started to resolve it, or the issue can be escalated to a human agent.

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