Maximize Sales Conversions using AI Bots in Quotation Journeys

Discover how AI Digital Assistants can be deployed to keep customers engaged throughout the pre- and post-quote journeys, and also cleverly re-engage with dropped users so as to maximize completion and increase successful conversion. Featuring a client story and a demo of an AI bot in action, see how you can optimize your investment in inbound lead generation and drive higher conversions and sales.

Highlights of this webinar recording include:
– How AI Bots keep customers engaged, achieving successful completion and sales conversion.
– Client Case Study: An AI assistant generates increased sales conversions on auto insurance quotes
– Demo: An AI Digital Assistant in action
– Tips and Tricks on creating good AI Bot Experiences

Learn more about how our client, the AA Ireland, deployed a quote bot to increase conversions by 17%. Here’s their success story.

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