Insurance Bots

Insurance Bots to the Rescue 

From renewing a policy to filing an insurance claim, insurance bots can work across multiple customer touch points, offering convenience and superior experiences at a lower cost of delivery.

Renewal Time? There’s a Bot For That.

Competing for customer retention puts the spotlight on policy renewal

Time to renew a customer’s insurance policy? With plenty of competing price offers, customers can comparison shop for their policy and easily switch provider. But why not deploy a bot that engages with your insurance customers in proactive ways, not just at renewal time but throughout the customer lifecycle, building relationships based on superior experience and not just price. Then at renewal time, let the bot manage the complete customer journey, handing off to a human if necessary.

A Renewal bot can manage the renewal process, reaching out to remind customers of their upcoming renewal date, highlighting the benefits of their policy terms and relevant pricing changes, responding to customer queries regarding renewal, and matching any competitive offers. 

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Filing a Claim Just Got Easier 

Smart Bots ease the distress of filing a claim and expedite the claim resolution

One of the most stressful times for your customers is when they have an accident or other incident that necessitates filing an insurance claim. Although it’s not necessarily a recurring customer interaction it is one that is generally fraught with friction, complexity, and paperwork before a claim is finally settled and paid.

Imagine a Claims Bot that responds to a customer who has just had an accident, loss, or other incident.The bot can manage the complete customer journey in filing their claim, authenticating them, and automatically accessing their policy information from internal systems. The bot requests details of the incident, guides the customer to upload images of any damage, and elicits any third party information. By recognizing the customer’s policy, the bot can inform the customer of eligible benefits or services and initiate these. All this can happen in a frictionless chat where the bot automates the business tasks necessary to file the claim in a way that supports faster claims resolution.

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It’s That Higher Quality, Lower Cost Kind of Service.

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