3 Techniques: Leveraging GTP-3/GPT-4 to Improve Existing Bot Performance

ChatGPT dominating the headlines has left those responsible for Conversational AI (CAI) initiatives scrambling to sift through buzz and future promises to identify what can be done today to embrace the power of Generative AI in their existing chatbot experiences. 

There’s no question that the launch of ChatGPT has reignited conversations around how LLM’s, combined with enterprise Conversational AI Platform (CAIP) frameworks, can be employed to improve bot performance and accuracy, elevating both customer and agent experiences.

In this video webinar, experience:

  • Use cases for how to employ GPT-3/GTP-4 in the context of Conversational AI (CAI) strategy today vs the future
  • How the use of GPT-3/GPT-4 in a multi-bot environment can help drive higher-performing bot experiences
  • Demo of how LLM’s can be used to help improve agent experience and data quality, from search to chat summaries.
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