Energy & Utility Bots

Powering Utilities with Smart Bots

From facilitating home moves to managing a customer’s utility account, smart energy & utility bots help build relationships that are based on superior experiences and 24/7 convenience – all at a lower cost of delivery.

Conversational AI Meets RPA

Smart Bots Bring AI-powered Automation to Utility Providers

Smart bots can have much broader capabilities and characteristics beyond simple conversations. Think of taking a new customer onboard, proactively guiding customers on smarter utility usage, or running a proactive sales or marketing campaign focused on retention.  Behind many use cases for bots is the need, not only to interpret customer intent but, to automate underlying tasks and workflows.

So while Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is focused on automating existing processes by applying AI technology, bots offer the opportunity to take a top-down approach in transforming business processes so that they can respond flexibly to changing customer needs.The use cases for RPA are about more structured, predictable, and high-volume processes while smart bots can be applied to more fluid, versatile, and user-facing use cases. More and more the lines between the two are blurring as the use cases for smart bots move beyond the virtual assistant in the contact center. 

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Winning Back Valued Customers 

A Proactive Bot Matches Competitor Offers to Win Back Customers

In competitive markets, customers comparison shop and are tempted by better terms and price rates, potentially causing them to switch provider. But imagine a bot that responds to a customer who requests closing their account by matching or exceeding a competitor’s offer in a way that is smooth and frictionless.

A WinBack bot shows how a service request can be turned into a customer retention opportunity in an intelligent and proactive way, reaching out across multiple digital channels in order to retain your customers.

Check out WinBack Bot Animation


Retain Customers as they Move House

 A Smart Bot helps Customers Transfer their Utilities and Update their Information

How many of your customers move house? How many switch to a different utility provider as they do this? A  HomeMover Bot reduces churn when customers move house, by facilitating a smooth transfer of utility services and related billing information. When a customer reaches out to inform their provider of a pending home move, the bot can respond, offering to transfer their utilities to the new address, scheduling disconnect and connect dates, and proactively updating them with relevant information.

Not only does this retain customers that may be at risk of transferring to a different vendor but the bot can also trigger timely meter readings in order to generate more accurate billing, avoiding loss of revenue.

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