Transforming Energy & Utilities with Smart Bots

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Deploy Energy & Utility Bots. Experience Immediate Benefits.

Increase Customer Retention

Increase Customer Retention

Reduce Cost of Service

Reduce the Cost of Service

Increase Cash Flow

Increase Cash Flow

Accelerate Speed to Market with Blueprints for Energy & Utility Bots

Unwrap a bot blueprint in your account and modify it to meet your business needs. Our blueprints help you create bot experiences for a growing range of use cases. Meet some of our energy & utilities bot stars.

Retain Customers, Even as they Move 

How often do your customers move house or apartment?. You don’t want to lose valuable customers just because they move location and sign on with a different provider.

A Home Mover Bot facilitates an efficient transition from one location to the next. It confirms moving dates and details, sends reminders and relevant documentation to the customer, initiates the timely reading of both meters, and updates all records and billing. Accurate bills can be generated to reflect the final utility consumption at the old address. By doing this, revenue losses through inaccurate billing can be avoided.

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Manage Collections for Better Cash Flow

Having difficulty reaching customers and collecting payment?. Debt collection is a tricky process to manage especially as customers in default can be hard to contact over traditional phone lines. However, effective payment collections improve a company’s cash flow situation.

A Collections Bot can reach out proactively to customers, at any time of the day and in any channel, reminding them of overdue payments and bad debts. For example, by engaging in a conversation, the bot can understand the customer’s reason for non-payment and set up a suitable payment plan, or defer payment, cancel the account, or collect the full amount. The bot can send frequent reminders and manage a more personalized interaction based on the customer’s circumstances. More payments can be collected in a faster time and help improve cash flow and reduce debt write-offs.


Reduce Churn, Win Back Customers.

Reduce customer churn. With the costs of acquiring new customers increasing, retention is an important initiative. Don’t let your customers simply walk away without trying to win them back.

A Win-Back Bot fights customer churn by interacting with customers that look to close their account and move to a different provider. The bot engages with the customer, persuading them to stay by price-matching or offering other incentives.

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