Exceptional Conversational Experiences, In A Nutshell.

We focus on the application of Conversational AI technology to create memorable, first-class conversations that reflect your brand.

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An Army of Bots, At Your Service.

Our ServisBOTs perform different roles and functions, at the frontiers or in the trenches, engaging with customers or employees, completing transactions, automating repetitive tasks, and/or handling requests. They can work alone on an individual task or as part of an Army of Bots working with others to complete a common mission or customer journey. They can be deployed for small specialist tasks or scale up instantly to deal with very large volumes of work and transactional requests. 

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Different Journeys, Multiple Channels.

Customer engagement is not limited to inbound customer service but can encompass any customer touchpoint,  journey or outbound campaign on any digital channel – including voice-activated assistants and chat. We unify all communications into one, asynchronous conversation, available across all digital channels. Your brand gets a consistent experience no matter what channel your customer chooses.

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AI Makes Your Bot Smarter.

Our bot orchestration architecture allows  task-oriented bots and workers to be deployed as needed, and step down when not required. Not only is this scalable and flexible, but bots become smarter as they work together and expand their capabilities through AI. Once they’ve honed their understanding and skills in one area they can train on new tasks – getting smarter by the day.

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Bot Building Made Easy.

Our conversational AI platform takes the complexity out of building bots. Your business analysts can clone pre-built bots and customize to the specific use case. Using our visual designer they can automate process flows, map out conversations, and create custom bots. We help you increase the level of automation and self-service to drive down costs.

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Tooling that Automates and Scales.

Great bots need to be deployed and managed at scale and in an automated fashion. ServisBOT provides the tooling and gives developers access to all parts of the conversational AI platform – from bot creation and orchestration to conversation initiation and management – via an API.

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You Don’t Have to Be a Data Scientist.

The beauty of using a conversational AI platform is that you don’t have to be a data scientist or hire a team of data scientists because all the AI you need is made available from the platform. Our  platform provides an open and flexible AI architecture which allows us to arbitrate between public NLP engines, use 3rd party AI frameworks, or allow you to use your own AI engine. 

It Keeps Getting Better.

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