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Building, Scaling, and Managing Enterprise-grade AI Assistants with Ease

The Components of Enterprise AI Chatbot Solutions

tools to make building a bot

Tools to make
AI Assistant building Easy

how bots can use conversational communication

Reusable Skills to
add to AI Assistants

Multiple Engagement Channels

Multiple Engagement

small ai bot

Multi-Bot Architecture for
Scalable Experiences

integration of conversational ai

Integration with Existing
Enterprise Systems

using bots to analysis data

Analytics & Insights on
Performance & Experience

Low-Code Tools Make Bot-Building Faster 

Our conversational AI platform provides a number of low-code and no-code tools that enable business users to design, build and manage conversational AI experiences with ease.

Choose a bot blueprint and the natural language processing (NLP) for your use case and start styling your own branded bot messenger in minutes. Intents can be imported or created on the conversational platform, enabling them to be shared and managed centrally. Whether it’s Google Dialogflow, Microsoft LUIS, Amazon Lex, or IBM Watson, we allow business teams to manage the configuration and training of their bots with ease without needing to learn the underlying NLP or machine learning model.

Using our low-code flow designer, you can drag and drop business process flows and messenger widgets to create complex and enhanced conversational AI solutions and experiences. Enrich your bot experiences by connecting it securely to data sources using the API SDK.

Low code Tools for Bot Building
Reusable Bot Skills

Reusable Skills Help Lower Costs

Our conversational AI platform combines reusability and agility to keep up with the need for speed. It is easy for business users to add skills to existing bots to enhance their functionality. You can even bring your own bot to our conversational platform and access all these features.

Pre-configured skills, reusable action flows, intent libraries and out-of-the-box workers can be dropped in as you create or extend your bot’s capabilities. Intent libraries get you started quickly in a specific industry domain while reusable action flows enables the creation of centralized processes like multi-factor authentication, payment acceptance, document upload, human handover, and negotiation that can be reused across different bot use cases and customer journeys. Workers such as website co-browse and many more avoid you having to reinvent the wheel each time.

Engage Across Multiple Channels with Ease

Our channel engagement adaptors allow your bots to send and receive adapted content through a variety of bundled messengers or third-party messaging services or channels. No coding is needed. The user simply selects the engagement channel – Rich Media Web messenger, SMS, Microsoft Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, voice assistants, etc. – and the conversational AI platform will translate the interactive components such as calendars, carousels, menus, list pickers, and other widgets to suit the particular channel.

The default web messenger supports a wide range of rich media components so that users can create engaging conversational AI experiences without any coding. Users can choose multiple endpoints each of which can be independently styled, configured, and customized for a bot, specific to an omnichannel entry point.

Digital Channels for Bots

The ServisBOT Enterprise Conversational AI Platform

platform diagram
Multi-bot Orchestration

Orchestrate Multiple Bots on a Conversational AI Platform

Our multi-bot architecture makes it easier to create and manage conversational AI experiences in complex enterprise environments and supports ease of scaling and improved bot performance without sacrificing quality.

At the heart of this architecture is the enterprise Virtual Assistant (VA) or bot orchestrator that blends multiple skilled bots into a unified experience. You can orchestrate bots built on diverse NLP engines – a bonus for organizations that have a mixed landscape of chatbot and digital assistant solutions. Common functionality such as language detection, translation, sentiment analysis, PHI/PII detection, and human escalation is centralized in the VA but accessible to all other bots.

The functionality of the overall solution can be extended simply by adding more skilled bots but without breaking the existing experience.

Easy, Secure Integration with Enterprise Systems

Connect your bots securely to your internal business and contact center systems using out-of-the-box and custom APIs. Integrations are set up and managed centrally and exposed as fulfillment actions for business users to access. Our secure enterprise integration ensures that your data does not flow through or is used to train the natural language processing (NLP) engine and never leaves your environment. On-premise deployment options ensure that your customer or employee data is always protected, isolated, and under your control, keeping interactions secure and business processes protected.

We enable the use of write-only secrets that can be used with your data services and AI tool providers. Add countless data services, such as CRMs, service desks, HCM, Active Directory, MS Exchange, and many others, to your bots.

Secure Bot Integration
Bot Analytics and Insights

Conversational AI Analytics & Insights on Performance and CX

Metrics on customer engagement, channels, conversations, events, and bot performance can be used to gauge the effectiveness of your conversational AI solutions. Create your own success criteria with unique conversions and goals to rapidly identify the important factors that drive your company’s success.

Our no-code tools let you easily discover missing utterances and fix them using workflows for missed input, allowing you to continuously improve the bot experience. Using our intent analytics you can get insights on how to improve the accuracy of your bots and deal with “greedy” bots. With the bot runner diagnostic feature gain insights on how multi-bot orchestration leads to better customer experiences.

Export to your favorite business intelligence tools to combine with other data to give you a more holistic view of your business.

Choose the Deployment Option that Works Best

Our conversational AI platform allows centralized management of all bots in your enterprise – both those built on the platform as well as third party and BYOBs (bring your own bots). This helps enforce security standards and best practices. We provide a number of alternatives for running managed and unmanaged bots on-premises and across several clouds. Our SaaS offering is in a Managed Execution Environment that is available either as a multi-tenant or data isolated option on AWS.

In the Dedicated Execution Environment you can run and operate the ServisBOT runtime as a container within your preferred infrastructure, whether that is AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud or on-premise.

ServisBOT Deployment Options

Why an Enterprise Conversational AI Platform is so Important

Conversational AI refers to technologies, like chatbots or virtual assistants, that can understand human language using natural language understanding, automatic speech recognition, machine learning, intent recognition, translation, data integration, and fulfillment actions so that they can simulate human conversations and automate underlying workflows to fulfill user needs.

An Enterprise Conversational AI Platform offers more than just the NLP tool that is characteristic of many chatbot developments. To build and manage enterprise-grade conversational AI projects that provide a positive customer experience and meet the security and governance needs of IT requires many more essential components. Our SaaS platform brings these components together to accelerate time to market and reduce costs via: 

  • Citizen developer tools enable business users to design and build conversational AI applications faster and without needing coding skills.
  • AI skills requirements are reduced as you don’t have to deal with the intricacies of natural language understanding and machine learning. The conversational platform does the heavy lifting under the hood.
  • Choose the natural language processing NLP that best fits the objective of your conversational AI project and don’t get locked into a single or proprietary NLU model. This keeps you more flexible to adapt to future changes.
  • Integration with business systems, live chat systems, multiple conversational interfaces, and voice assistants is made easy using out-of-the-box connectors and adapters. 
  • The end-to-end security of your conversational AI projects is baked in at every step of the way.
  • Our unique multi-bot orchestration architecture offers a microservices approach to building and scaling the volume and complexity of conversational AI  experiences more efficiently.
  • Centralized control and management of multiple conversational AI projects in production reduces support costs and gives IT the visibility they need.

What’s not to love about an enterprise Conversational AI Platform to secure your AI investments.

Build and Manage your Conversational AI Experiences at Scale

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