How a Conversational AI Platform Works

Product Features Summary

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Conversational AI Tools Make Bot Building Easy

Our chatbot platform provides an array of tools to support a low-code approach to building your Conversational AI bots, from managing different natural language processing engines to configuring your complete bot experience.  Start with one of our Bot Blueprints, hook up data, and then deploy in minutes. Whether you’re creating your first chatbot solution, optimizing existing solutions, or scaling conversational ai bots across your business, our ai platform supports you at every stage of your journey. 

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Choose the NLP That Works for Your Use Cases

The world is your oyster when it comes to conversational AI. We support all the major public natural language processing, NLP, engines – Amazon Lex, Google DialogFlow, Rasa, IBM Watson, and Microsoft Luis. A common definition format for your ai chatbots allows you to easily lift the definition and training data from one NLP engine and shift it to another. This allows maximum portability and re-use without any lock-in. Define your conversational ai bot experience once. It gets translated into primitives supported by your target channels so your bots can engage where your customers or employees are, whether it’s SMS, Web, Mobile, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype, Alexa, or any other digital channel.  

Chatbot Use Cases

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Manage and Orchestrate Multiple Conversational AI Bots.

Our Bot Orchestrator blends independently managed chatbots into a unified experience, routing to the conversational ai bot best equipped to respond to user requests.  It also monitors the ebb & flow of conversations and enables all bots to support language detection, translation, sentiment analysis, PHI/PII detection, and human escalation.

Bot orchestration is critical to navigating operations across multiple bots and to overcoming intent limits as your ai chatbots handle more complex use cases. You can scale your business horizontally with thin-sliced bots by blending together FAQs, business processes, and transactions.
Scaling Bots with NLP Orchestration

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Monitor Bot Success with Analytics.

Measure the success of your bots and conversations with out-of-the-box metrics on chats, events, and bots. Define your own success criteria with custom goals and conversions. Improve on your bot experience by catching missed utterances using missed input workflows. 

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You Don’t Have to Be a Data Scientist.

The beauty of using a conversational AI platform is that you don’t have to be a data scientist or hire a team of data scientists because all the AI you need is made available from the bot platform. Our solution provides an open and flexible AI architecture that allows us to arbitrate between public NLP engines, use 3rd party AI frameworks, or allow you to use your own AI engine.

What is Conversational AI

Conversational AI is a form of artificial intelligence where a computer can simulate human conversation, understanding natural language and responding in meaningful and automated ways. Often associated with related terms like chatbots, digital assistants, virtual agents, and AI bots, conversational AI has advanced far beyond the early days of the simple chatbot that offered basic Q&A type functionality. Now conversational AI solutions can better understand user intents, manage complex and multi-turn conversations, introduce context and personalization, automate workflows, handle transactions, and collaborate with other systems and humans in the loop. With these advanced capabilities, businesses are embracing digital AI assistants as a means to offer enhanced digital self-service options, increase automation and containment rates on customer and employee engagement, improve customer experience and NPS scores, and put live agents to work on more value-adding and complex customer interactions. 

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How a Conversational AI Platform Helps

A Conversational AI Platform may not seem like an obvious choice for your first chatbot project but as you try to scale and extend your conversational bot experiences opting for a platform approach will serve you well. Why?
With a Conversational AI platform, you can access user-friendly conversation design, bot-building tools, reusable components, and templates to create all types of AI bots, no matter what the business use case is. Go beyond common customer service chatbots and automate engagement across the entire customer and/or employee lifecycle. Choose the NLP that best fits the purpose and role of your bot and don’t get tied to a single or proprietary NLP. The technology is advancing rapidly so keep flexibility. Give your IT department peace of mind so that they have control and visibility over all the AI bots in production. Chatbots have a habit of proliferating so management and control can get lost. Ease of integration with business data sources, live chat systems, and multiple digital channels provide enhanced user experiences and speed to market. What’s not to love about an enterprise COnversational AI Platform to secure your AI investments.

It Keeps Getting Better.

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