I remind customers about payments due and collect them. It can be a tough job, but I work day and night to reach people when it’s convenient for them. I can be friendly but persistent. After all, it’s your money and my job is to collect it for you.

Customer Journeys

  • Outbound collections efforts to match customer schedules
  • Automated payment reminders
  • Automated escalation and handover to human agents
  • Target hard-to-reach customers

How I Help the Business

  • Improved reach and engagement means higher collections rates
  • Decrease labor costs by replacing humans with bots
  • Free agents up to spend more time on payment processing
  • 24/7 activity without the staffing costs

How I Help the Customer

  • Increased convenience and accessibility across channels
  • Eliminate need to speak to a person
  • Improved privacy

My Metrics

# collections processed

% positive outcomes

$ collected

% routing by intent

% of outstanding monies collected

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