Building Multi-Bot Conversational AI Solutions

This workshop, hosted by ServisBOT CEO, Cathal McGloin, explores the challenges in growing and scaling conversational AI across an enterprise. As the adoption of chatbots has matured in some businesses, they are now grappling with how to better scale and manage more advanced AI bot solutions. This workshop introduces ServisBOT’s unique multi-bot architecture, that helps overcome several challenges that organizations are facing as they expand the scope and complexity of their self-service offerings powered by AI.

Cathal outlines industry examples that demonstrate the benefits of a Multi-Bot approach with a live demo of how to build and orchestrate multiple AI bots, whether they are built on a single NLP or on diverse NLPs. For those that have a diverse NLP landscape and/or are facing issues with how to manage the complexity and costs of managing multiple chatbot solutions this is a must watch.

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