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Insurance Chatbot Case Study

How an Auto Insurer Raised Sales Conversions >11% with Chatbots

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AI Chatbot Success Using ServisBOT

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Increase in
Quote Conversion

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Decrease in
Agent Handling Time

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Increase in
Self Service Sales

A Spotlight on Renewal and Conversion Rates

AA Ireland is one of the largest providers of car, home, travel, and life insurance in Ireland with an impressive track record of adopting technologies to improve customer experience. Attracting and renewing insurance customers is critical to their business success, but generating demand in this competitive space with digital ads is costly. However, by focusing on improving customer conversion rates they saw the opportunity to maximize ROI on their spend. Chatbots were the perfect vehicle to do this.

“The potential to use AI-powered chatbots to improve our conversion rates, while providing operational efficiencies across customer service, was an opportunity we couldn’t ignore.”

Louise McCormack, AA Ireland, Customer Lifecycle Manager AI Case Study 1

Choosing a Vendor that
We Could Grow With

Since adopting a natural language solution was totally new territory for AA Ireland, they looked at a number of vendor solutions. Technical expertise was a must but understanding their business goals and how bots can achieve these, today and in the future, was critical. ServisBOT was the best match. The ServisBOT chatbot platform has the tools to support building chatbots for any use case. It also offers back-end integration capabilities using APIs, so that the bots could easily connect to existing systems, like Zendesk, but also connect to any future systems.

“It took 10 weeks, from selecting ServisBOT to launching our ‘Quote-to-Sale’ Bot, which is phenomenal. And it wasn’t a lightweight solution.”

Enter ‘Quote-to-Sale’ Bot

To provide more personalized insurance policy recommendations and quotes to customers around the clock, the idea of a “Quote-to-Sale’ Bot was born. Customers activate the bot from the AA quotation page, either on the web or mobile app. The bot responds and helps them navigate and interact with the form and buttons, so they can find the right cover at the right price. Through the bot interaction with Zendesk, the used live chat software, the discussion is effortlessly forwarded to a human agent whenever a customer requires more support.

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“The Servisbot integration with Zendesk was a dream. The ServisBOT platform did the heavy lifting in terms of the coding side. It was all integrated within their platform”

Hello Higher Conversions,
Better Experience, and Happy Agents

Just by being available to customers out of hours, AA Ireland immediately saw an 11% increase in the conversion rate on quotes generated. This has gone up even further since the launch.

Besides the increased conversion rate, the number of missed live chats has decreased as the bot intercepts customers when human agents are busy. This has the added impact of reducing the agent workload.

Where a customer has already interacted with the bot and then interacts with live chat, the average agent handling time has reduced from 16.5 mins to 10 minutes. Agents are spending less time on routine questions and more time converting difficult deals. The use of the bot for self-service sales is also growing. People click on the bot and 4 out of 5 of them interact with it. They love it!

“It’s a sweet piece of software. We used to get good conversion from live chats, The Bot conversion is higher“

ServisBOT and AWS: Delivering Exceptional Real-Time Chatbot Experiences

ServisBOT’s Conversational AI Platform is built using an AWS technology stack. All ServisBOT customers benefit from this enterprise-grade architecture and technology that supports secure data integration, bot scaling, and data isolation, all at a lower cost.

For this AA chatbot we leveraged AWS services to help build an exceptional experience. To support the low latency, real-time experience, ServisBOT selected AWS Lambda, AWS IoT Core, and AWS Dynamo to drive the core interaction between human & bots. To understand the user’s intent, ServisBOT leveraged Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Comprehend, and Amazon Lex. And for securing the entire customer experience, ServisBOT used Amazon Cognito to secure the edge, AWS KMS to encrypt, AWS IAM to limit access to data services and Amazon GuardDuty for IDS.

About ServisBOT Conversational AI Platform

ServisBOT provides a Conversational AI platform that enables insurance providers to easily create chatbot solutions for many different use cases, for example, assisting with insurance quotes, handling renewals, onboarding new customers, logging customers’ claims, responding to policy queries, or handling other customer or employee interactions. The platform gives business users and enterprise developers the tools to get chatbot solutions to market faster.

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