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Need Inspiration? Check out these use cases illustrating unique ways ServisBOT is helping clients transform their customer service experience and general customer engagement, through messaging, AI and automation.

“Swipe Left” for White Glove Service.

Mobile In-App Virtual Assistant for Premium Customers

Maybe you’re an airline or a bank with a mobile app that your customers love. Now imagine this: a world where your most valued customers “Swipe Left” for instant access to a virtual concierge via in-app messaging, posed to handle requests like flight changes, account changes, upgrades, special requests or just excellent customer service – at any time, and from anywhere.

AI and automation kick into gear immediately, delighting with immediate access and fast resolution to inquiries in a smart and efficient way, and always knowing precisely when to serve up a human advisor if necessary.

Treat your customers to “Swipe Left” no phone calls or wait times, just instant mobile in-app service. Oh and by the way, zero IT development effort required.

Benefits: Context-driven, instant access to service. Secure in-app interactions. Increased convenience.

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Expand the Reach of Your Service & Engagement Teams.

Create Custom Bots & Flows for the Automation of Key Customer Journeys and Processes.

Do your agents spend hours completing routine tasks – simple or complex – like resetting passwords, processing refunds or manual sifting for answers to questions in a knowledge base? Now picture this: a graphical designer built for a non-technical user where bots and flows can be created and deployed to handle service automation, freeing up your human agents.

Get proactive about engaging with customers and prevent dissatisfaction and churn. Create custom bots to engage with and retain key customers and execute win back campaigns more cost effectively than traditional voice based channels.

Your customers will love the new 24/7 conveniences in accessing service; your finance and ops teams will love the zero dollar increase in cost of service delivery.

Benefits: Increased reach and efficiency. Improved customer retention. Reduced cost of service. 

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Live Chat Leave Customers Hanging?

Introduce Messaging as a better alternative to the Live Chat experience.

In the world where business is striving for differentiated and exceptional customer service experiences, Live Chat leaves much to be desired. It’s expensive to deliver and the customer experience can often be hit or miss – with frequently dropped sessions resulting in having to start all over again, or not even being able to connect outside of regular working hours or at peak times when the agents are all busy.

Now imagine a world where your customers can access customer service at any time of the day or night – at a time of their convenience and at their own pace, through whatever messaging, text or social media channel they wish. They can initiate an inquiry in the morning, and follow up later in the day or that evening and have continuity of service without worrying about dropped sessions. And yes, there may be times that they need to speak to someone, but that will get prioritized in an organized way so the customer knows that you care.

What are you waiting for? Migrate to messaging in a matter of hours. It works across mobile, social, web and even personal devices like Alexa and is available 24/7 thanks to AI & automation. Messaging allows customers to pick up the conversation where they left off, when and where it’s convenient for them. No lost sessions. No repeating history. Result? Happy customers.

Customer Benefits: 24/7 availability. Access across all digital channels. Reduced cost of service. 

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Simply Press 1 and Jump the Queue.

Move voice calls to text messaging and eliminate long hold times with Queue Jump.

Tired of waiting for “the next available agent”, especially when you just have a simple question? Well, your customers are as well. But lets face it, until recently, there was no getting away from long hold times during peak hours or when an incident or an outage occurs. But times and technology have changed, and research suggests that customers would prefer to text their query than wait on hold– and now, that’s in the realm of possibility.

We’ve got you covered with our Queue Jump feature. Using a pre-built integration to AWS Connect cloud-based contact center, or any IVR, you can offer customers an alternative to waiting for the next available agent by re-directing them to a messaging channel where they can receive service immediately. How does it work? It’s easy – customers get a link via SMS, allowing them to click to continue their conversation with a virtual assistant.

Instantly Customer Service AI and automation are at work to solve the request, and smart enough to use customer intent and history to transfer the request to an advisor, if required. And now conveniently, the customer has a full record of the conversation right in their text history.

Customer Benefits: Reduced wait times. Automated response handling. Reduced cost of service. 

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