Conversational AI Use Cases for Employee Interactions and Journeys.

Check out these Conversational AI use cases illustrating unique ways ServisBOT helps automate customer and employee interactions across the complete lifecycle from acquisition to operations, service, retention, and loyalty, no matter what industry.

Experiencing High Call Volumes? Try a Call Deflection Bot

Take the pressure off your agents and provide the service that your customers want and expect. Especially in peak periods of demand or during an unpredicted event, your contact center may get overwhelmed with incoming requests.

A call deflection bot provides an easy way to deflect calls to a messaging channel where a bot can engage with your customers and automate common or routine tasks. By integrating with your live chat system, the bot can also hand off to your agents or schedule a callback with a customer. 

Your customers gain the convenience of immediate self-service while your agents can work with customers on more complex issues. Pressure on your contact center is alleviated and a path to more automation is created via a messaging channel.

Benefits: 24/7 access. Increased convenience and self-service. Lower wait times and abandonment.

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A Bot to Help Increase Online and Sales Conversions

Don’t let potential customers disappear. Deploy a bot to help guide users from engagement to conversion on your website or mobile app. Whether it’s assisting with a quote, completing an application form, or providing further product information, a conversational bot is there 24/7 to accelerate and increase conversions.

A bot can be deployed on your website or it can engage through messaging channels with your customers. It can be integrated with your live chat so that there is a seamless path to handover to an agent if needed. Close the deal with a sales conversion bot.

Benefits: Improved conversion rates. Increase revenue. Lower costs through automation. 

Insurance AI Case Study


Employees are Your Customers Too!

Your employees are one of your greatest assets so don’t leave them out in the cold. Think of employee enablement and the many internal workflows and processes that can benefit from smart HR bots and conversational AI. From hiring and onboarding to scheduling, managing PTO, or processing payroll, employee bots are there to help.

Available and accessible 24/7, these bots can respond to worker requests, resolve common IT or HR requests, issue notifications, and manage work order schedules. They are smart and convenient. Without unnecessary delays, employee bots can automate manual tasks, freeing up human staff for more complex and value-adding activities. 

Conversational AI can empower your employees to be more efficient, bring greater job satisfaction, and lower staff turnover. Mobilize an Army of Bots to automate HR and other internal processes so that your employees can focus their skills where they are most needed.

Benefits: Employee productivity. Lower operational costs. Efficient employee enablement. 

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