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Check out these use cases illustrating unique ways ServisBOT helps transform customer engagement through conversational AI, whether it’s a customer service interaction, a customer journey, or a proactive outbound campaign.

Smarter Service Without The Wait

Bots Deliver Superior Customer Service at Lower Cost

Whether customers want to reset a password, track a delivery, get the status of an account, or engage in any other service interaction, a bot can be quickly and easily created and deployed. Task-oriented bots can handle common customer service tasks in more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective ways, escalating to a human agent if necessary.

Allow customers self-serve access to high quality service on their time and at their pace without the need for round-the-clock staffing. For example, a FAQ bot can handle customer FAQs, eliminating human agent intervention and frustrating knowledge base searches, all at a lower cost. Also, imagine a world where there is no more queuing, long wait-times on hold, or frequent transfers that require you to repeat yourself to a new agent. A Q-Jump bot is simple and vastly improves the customer experience.

Conversational AI has the power to transform the customer service experience in ways that also support better brand awareness and loyalty. 

Benefits: 24/7 access. Increased convenience. No queuing. Fast response and resolution. Lower cost.

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Smooth and Efficient Customer Journeys

Orchestrate Bots for Smart and Automated Customer Journeys.

Think of applying for a loan (claims bot), processing an insurance claim, onboarding a new customer, refunding a payment, and many more customer journeys that are not resolved with a simple answer. The concept of orchestrating an Army of Bots can transform how your business handles these journeys.

Picture this: a virtual assistant passes a customer request to a task-oriented bot who has the specific skills to interpret the customer intent, access the required data to execute the appropriate tasks, and fulfill the customer needs, without human involvement. And, as multiple processes may be required in a customer journey, different bots, each with their specific role but working collaboratively, can be deployed and orchestrated, as needed. 

Your customers enjoy 24/7 conveniences in fulfilling their specific needs faster; your business teams reap the additional value that can be generated through automating these customer journeys.

Benefits: Improved convenience and efficiency. Elimination of labor-intensive tasks. Flexibility to adapt workflows quickly.

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Outbound Bots Do Proactive Outreach!  

Deploy Outbound Bots to Increase Loyalty, Retention, and Sales.

It’s not just about inbound service requests! Conversational AI supports proactive and innovative outreach to your customers – helping you to build customer loyalty, reduce churn, win back lost customers, or collect late payments. 

Execute campaigns across multiple digital and voice channels more cost effectively than traditional channels. Create custom bots that initiate and manage campaigns or start with one of our pre-built bots like WinbackBOT or CollectionsBOT. By applying Conversational AI, our bots can learn and adapt and increase their IQ, making your campaigns smarter and more efficient. 

Be bold and courageous! Reach out to your customers and set yourself apart from the rest. Your customers will thank you and your brand will thrive.

Benefits: Increased retention. Reduced churn. Increased revenue. More efficient campaigns.

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Employees are Your Customers Too!

Automate internal workflows and processes to serve your employees better.

Your employees are one of your greatest assets so don’t leave them out in the cold. Think of employee enablement and the many internal workflows and processes that can benefit from smart bots and conversational AI. From hiring and onboarding, to scheduling, managing PTO or processing payroll, employee bots are there to help.

Available and accessible 24/7, these bots can respond to worker requests, resolve common IT or other queries, issue notifications, and manage work order schedules. They are smart and convenient. Without unnecessary delays, employee bots can automate manual tasks, freeing up human staff for more complex and value-adding activities. 

Conversational AI can empower your employees to be more efficient, bring greater job satisfaction, and lower staff turnover. Mobilize an Army of Bots to automate HR and other internal processes so that your employees can focus their skills where they are most needed.

Benefits: Employee productivity. Lower operational costs. Efficient employee enablement. 

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