Manage High Call Volume with 3 Simple Steps to Call Deflection


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Call Deflection Helps your Customers and Contact Center Agents

During the current COVID-19 crisis, your contact center may be dealing with managing remote working models for your agents while experiencing increased call volumes from your customers. With a thoughtful but simple bot solution that deflects and automates you can take care of both your customers and agents.

3 Simple Steps to Call Deflection


1. Deflect

A customer calls your help desk and when faced with a long queue opts to divert their question to a virtual assistant channel.

The call is re-routed to our Intelligent Virtual Assistant and the customer is sent a link to their mobile device where they can continue their conversation with your personalized and branded virtual assistant (VA).

Call Deflection Bot 1

2. Automate

The customer opens your VA on their device and can receive service and make requests. The VA can automate FAQs and simple tasks without requiring much integration to backend systems.

If the customer has a complex request, the VA can capture information, pre-screen calls and schedule callbacks before forwarding to an agent for offline processing.

Increase Self-service Rates

3. Integrate

Already have a live chat system? Easily connect the VA to your contact center to allow escalation to human agent when the VA can’t automate the request.

With secure integrations to popular systems like ZenDesk, Genesys, AWS Connect and various live chat products, we can log service tickets, automate follow-up via email and provide escalation to human agents.

See Call Deflection in Action

“Call deflection using a VA takes pressure off agents while still dealing with common customer requests that can be fulfilled by pointing to a self-service channel where customers can cancel bookings or find responses to FAQs. We launched our solution in 48 hours and are seeing an 11% deflection rate.”

Director of Contact Center Transformation, Irish InsurerCall Deflection Bot 2

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