Travel Bots

Travel Bots Transform the Experience 

Travel bots provide more seamless and proactive engagement across complete customer journeys, from the point of booking to the completion of a trip or event, and beyond – enhancing the travel experience and improving business outcomes.

Proactive Engagement with Booking Bot.

Engaging More Proactively throughout the Timeline between Booking and Travel.

Think of a Booking Bot that takes your customers on a journey that begins with a booking confirmation and continues over a period of time to the completion of the trip and beyond. The bot can engage proactively throughout the lifecycle, offering options to book related services such as transportation or rental car, accommodation, event tickets, restaurants, local activities, upgrades, and more. The bot can also reach out at intervals prior to a customer’s trip or event to advise them on local attractions or events, shopping, dining, weather, traffic, or promotions and respond to any queries or requests. More frequent and meaningful engagement builds greater brand loyalty and revenue opportunities.    

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Delighting Loyal Customers with Upgrades. 

Upgrade Bot can proactively offer upgrades to loyal customers, when available.

Receiving an uninitiated upgrade goes a long way to pleasing a frequent customer or rewards member. Whether it’s upgrading a passenger to a better seat or a guest to a suite with a view, Upgrade Bot can help you manage the process more easily. The bot can handle both inbound requests for upgrades as well as engage proactively to offer them an opportunity to upgrade, according to availability. Imagine how an efficient and uninitiated upgrade experience can boost your brand and keep customers coming back.  

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Better Customer Service: Happier Travelers.

Customer Service Bots manage FAQs, Lost Baggage, Complaints, and More.

Travel has its ups and downs. From last minute cancellations or delays to lost or damaged property, there are many incidences that can impact customer satisfaction and brand reputation. Customer service needs to be available around the clock, resolving customer issues, answering queries, and changing reservations. It needs to be proactive too, alerting customers to issues or changes in a timely manner. But the cost of service delivery also needs to be under control. The perfect answer to this is a team of customer service bots that are available 24/7 across multiple channels, automating the different tasks required to meet the customer’s need, and handing over to a human agent if necessary.   

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