Travel Upgrade BOT

I’m here to help upgrade your customers on their seat selection, accommodation, or additional services. I respond to their request for an upgrade, check availability and adjust their booking. However, I can also reach out proactively and offer an upgrade to members, subject to status nd availability.

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Customer Journeys

  • Request an upgrade with ease and lower friction 
  • Receive updates on membership status and upgrade eligibility
  • Experience an unexpected upgrade prior to travel or event

How I Help the Business

  • Automate upgrades to enhance customer experience
  • Increase customer retention and revenue
  • Lower cost of managing upgrades 
  • Reach out using a travel bot to valued customers if an upgrade is available

How I Help the Customer

  • Personalized and contextual experiences 
  • Improves upgrading experience
  • Positive travel or event experience builds brand loyalty

My Metrics

# upgrade requests handled

# upgrades processed

# proactive upgrades offered

% customers accepted


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