ITHelpdesk BOT


Problems with your laptop, software license, or any other electronic equipment you need to do your job? I can help handle your requests, raise support tickets, resolve issues, and update you with the status of your ticket. I work 24/7 so your can report issues and not lose valuable time.

Customer Journeys

  • Automated IT helpdesk activities
  • Access to support 24/7
  • Report issues and track support ticket status quickly and easily
  • Communicate across multiple channels

How I Help the Business

  • Automate common IT helpdesk activities 
  • Get customers/employees up and running quickly and efficiently
  • Allow human IT support staff focus on more complex issues
  • Reduced costs of IT support

How I Help the Customer

  • Increased convenience and accessibility at all times, across all channels
  • Faster and smoother IT support process
  • Reduced downtime and wait times 

My Metrics

# IT requests

# Support tickets raised

% IT requests resolved by bot

% routing by intent

Average time to resolve IT issue

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