If you want to apply for Paid-Time-Off (PTO) or see how much available PTO you have I am here to help. I am available around the clock to help your employees request PTO, notify managers for approvals, and log the PTO dates in the system. I will alert employees and managers on the status of upcoming PTO and related balances.

Customer Journeys

  • Automated PTO processing
  • Access to PTO requests 24/7
  • Communicate across multiple channels

How I Help the Business

  • Automate common HR activities around managing PTO
  • Ellicit necessary approvals from managers
  • Allow HR staff focus on more complex issues
  • Reduced costs of PTO management

How I Help the Customer

  • Increased convenience and accessibility at all times, across all channels
  • Faster and smoother PTO process
  • Visibility and transparency

My Metrics

# PTO requests from employees

% PTO requests submitted 

% routing by intent

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