Spreading Chatbot Love to your Customers

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Chatbot Love is in the Air with Valentines Bots

It’s that time of year when we focus on relationships and show our love. So what better way to celebrate Valentine’s day and the month of February than to talk about what chatbots are right for your business and how they can be used to improve the relationship with customers and show them more love and appreciation. 

You may be a subscriber to our mailing list and receive our “Content We Love” emails where you learn all about the great things that chatbots can do and how you can go about making them successful. But, in recognition of Valentine’s, I wanted to write about “Chatbots We Love” and how they can spread love to your customers.

Can bots really be used to nurture customer relationships? Often they are associated with responding to routine customer service requests, answering queries like “where’s my delivery”, “I want to complain about your product”, “what plan am I on”, “I want to upgrade my subscription”, “Do you have it in my size?” , “can you activate my card”…or similar requests that have been traditionally handled by customer service agents, either dealing with customers by phone, email, live chat, text or other communication channels. Many of these chatbots can be impersonal, lacking in emotion, and even disappointing.  

However, chatbots can do much more than blandly respond to routine customer service requests. They can offer personalized and contextual experiences that take the headache out of some cumbersome interactions with your customers. They can also handle sentiment and small talk so can be designed with their own identity that reflects the business’s brand. In doing so they can lend more consistency to your brand identity and transform how your customers feel towards your company, products, and services.

This is not to say that chatbots are a replacement for the loyal relationships that have been established between your customer service or operations staff and your customers. But they can work alongside human-to-human interactions, augment and amplify communications with your customers, and help spread the love to them.

Loyalty BotChatbots to Love

So if you feel your customers need a little more love, here’s how some of our favorite chatbots can help.


  1. Loyalty Bot: Our most lovable chatbot is Loyalty Bot because she reaches out proactively, offering promotions, notifications, rewards, or interesting advice, personalized to the customer’s needs. Whether you have a reward or membership program or simply want to interact with customers in a more frequent and meaningful way, this is the bot that can win over your customers, reinforce your brand, and build lasting loyalty. Loyalty can be part of many interactions in a customer lifecycle and doesn’t have to be standalone. Not only can this bot reach out to your existing customers but she can interact with those that have left you and try to win them back with timely offers. 
  2. Upgrade Bot: A close cousin to Loyalty Bot, this guy is responsible for proactive outreach as well as for responding to customer requests for an upgrade. Often associated with the travel, transport, and entertainment sector, upgrade bot can also be used to help your customers upgrade their subscription or membership plan. Since this bot knows a customer’s membership status and their preferences he can tailor upgrades according to the customer’s profile and availability. We all know how much we love a well-timed upgrade that shows your provider knows you and cares about you!
  3. Web-Assist Bot: Trawling through information on your site or completing a web-form is often tedious for your customers. With a web-assist bot, customers are smoothly navigated to the right place on your site to find what they need. If they are completing a web-form for an application, this guy can guide them through the process, answering their queries and providing helpful tips. With the added benefit of handling natural language, he can also automatically answer some common requests from the customer. What’s not to love about finding the right information, faster and more easily.
  4. Onboarding Bot: With so many online services in play now, why not make it easier for a customer to onboard on their time and at their pace. Whether it’s getting up and running with new insurance, telecoms service, financial, or technology providers, there is nothing fun about gathering all the necessary information and documentation and getting through all the approval red tape. So why not make it easier for your customers to onboard on their time schedule and with less friction? Since chatbots work 24/7 they can always be available to assist new customers and guide them through onboarding steps, gathering required documents or relevant images to accelerate the process.
  5. FAQ Bot: Here’s a great bot to help answer routine questions and take the pressure off customer service or other support functions. This bot is armed with information to respond to common questions, day and night. Customers won’t have to trawl through your website or wait on hold to speak with an agent. This bot works well with other bots at different stages of the customer lifecycle. You may want to make it easier to answer queries that prospective customers have while shopping around for your products or services, helping to convert them by bringing some chatbot love.  This bot can also be designed to respond to existing customers as they engage with different needs. And don’t forget, FAQ requirements can be internal too, making this bot a good choice to show some employee love.
  6. Appointment Bot: Your business may rely on scheduling appointments with customers or scheduling work orders for your field workforce. Why not make it easier for them to book and confirm an appointment and then send timely reminders to ensure that they have the correct information and that they don’t miss it? With an appointment bot, deployed on your website, mobile app, or in a preferred messaging channel, you can make this pain-free and convenient for your customers. Even better, the bot can send proactive reminders and reschedule dates if needed. Not only does this chatbot love your customers, but it also reduces the costs incurred through missed appointments. 

Besides these six bots that I’ve highlighted, there are many ways that chatbot love can help you build and maintain better relationships with your customers. Whether you’re starting out on your first chatbot project or are rolling our additional chatbots across your business, here are some helpful chatbot tips to guide your projects.

For more examples of customer service chatbots, you can download a copy of our Customer Experience Bot eBook

If you are seriously considering a chatbot project and are not sure what your requirements are, you may want to get a copy of our Chatbot Project Template.







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