From Onboarding to IT Helpdesk: How an AI Bot Boosts Employee Self-Service

Whether it is a new hire onboarding with the company, an employee requesting holiday leave, or a worker seeking IT support, AI-powered bots are a means to automating the routine interactions and journeys that are undertaken at volume throughout the lifecycle of employment. This webinar gives you an overview of:

  • Why Conversational AI chatbot solutions are key to automating routine employee interactions.
  • Beyond Simple Q&A: Advanced use cases and business benefits for employee bots.
  • Example of an Employee Onboarding bot experience.
  • Live Demo of a bot that integrates with several internal business systems (ServiceNow, HR systems, CRM) to deliver a seamless and personalized experience.

For more information about employee digital assistants and the different use cases for conversational-based automation please take a peek at our Bot eBook for Employee Experience

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