Enterprise CAI Strategy: To Build or Not to Build

DIY or Buy ……that is the question when it comes to building and maintaining enterprise conversational AI solutions, especially as they proliferate in numbers and grow in complexity. Using off-the-shelf NLP toolkits may seem easy but there is much more to building solutions and managing them over their lifecycle than meets the eye. That’s why enterprises are increasingly adopting Conversational Ai platforms to support their projects.

Featured on the Futurista Group’s webinar on Conversational AI and Chatbot solutions, Cathal McGloin, ServisBOT’s CEO, shares experience gained through his first-hand experience working with customers, on the considerations for both approaches. Learn more about the pros and cons of each approach and see a total cost of ownership model (first of its kind) that lays out the real-world financial impact of choosing one over another. If you’re struggling with the best way to approach building and managing chatbots across your enterprise, this webinar may be just what the CIO and CFO ordered.

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