Putting Bots to Work for Your Industry

Most vertical industries are looking to conversational AI to power customer engagement. Some bot use cases are generic across multiple industries but some are more specialized.

Energy & Utilities Powered by Bots

Whether it’s a query on a utility bill, updating customers on the status of a service outage, facilitating the transfer of utilities when customers move house, or running a customer retention campaign, conversational AI offers attractive opportunities for energy and utility companies to improve the customer experience while lowering the costs of service delivery.

Utility bots are at your service in customer contact center environments, in outbound customer campaigns, or in the field. Some handle routine and common customer service tasks such as FAQs or resetting a username or password on an account.

Others are more specialized to the industry needs, like HomeMover, a bot that reduces churn when customers move house, by facilitating a smooth transfer of utility services and related billing information. Not only does this retain customers that may be at risk of transferring to a different vendor but the bot can also trigger timely meter readings in order to generate more accurate billing, avoiding loss of revenue.

Also, take the case of a large scale utility outage and how simple but powerful Q-Jump bot and Alert bot can manage incoming customer calls, automatically transferring to the bot and/or proactively notifying customers of the latest status.

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Bot Innovation For Financial Services 

Whether it’s a request to provide a customer with the balance on their account, block their credit card when lost or stolen, or promote new banking products and services, chatbot and conversational AI technologies offer banks and other financial institutions new opportunities to improve the customer experience and enhance brand loyalty and identity.  

Think of applying for a loan, making a peer payment transfer, or handling a chargeback. The concept of orchestrating an Army of Bots can transform how financial services organizations manage their customer journeys in a highly competitive marketplace. 

Conversational AI also plays an important role in areas such as fraud management. A Fraud bot can help verify personal information, validate recent customer transactions, allow blocking and unblocking of bank cards and report lost or stolen cards. Accessible 24/7, this bot offers convenience at lower cost but it also can help avoid banking losses by taking immediate action on security breaches.

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Insurance Providers Turn to Bots  

Whether it’s a request for an insurance quotation, submitting an insurance claim, renewing a policy, scheduling an appointment with a claims adjustor, or onboarding new customers, bots work in automated and intelligent ways to support customers around the clock. They can also be deployed across multiple communication channels – voice, web, email, SMS, social, chat and messaging, helping deliver seamless omnichannel engagement.

A Claims bot, for example, allows customers to file a new insurance claim or retrieve the status on an existing claim with around-the-clock convenience. The bot can handle the complete journey, requesting the required information from the customer via chat, accessing documentation and data from internal systems, and fulfilling tasks without the need for human intervention, unless there is a need to escalate.

It’s not just about inbound requests and journeys! Conversational AI also supports proactive and innovative outreach to insurance brokers and partners. Take debt collection as an example. A bot can remind insurance brokers and customers about late or overdue payments reaching out to them any time of the day or night to collect payments. After all, managing collections across multiple broker-customer relationships and at different collections stages is complex,  but is critical to better cash flow management. 

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A New Engagement Model For Contact Centers 

The contact center is central to the success of how brands are engaging with their customers and meeting their needs in a more distracted, fast-paced and multi-channel world. But often, contact centers operate in multi-country, multi language environments adding to the complexity of supporting all channels – from email to web, live chat, SMS, voice, and messaging.

Service bots support customer engagement by handling routine service requests (FAQ, password reset, order status, returns, etc.) in more efficient and automated ways. Unlike live chat, they are not limited to contact center hours but work day and night to respond intelligently to your customer queries. They can handle simple requests or more involved customer journeys, such as processing a refund, resolving a complaint, confirming an appointment or renewing a membership. And they can do so in multiple languages.

Bots can also be implemented to manage outbound loyalty campaigns that reinforce your brand. When used cleverly they also empower your contact center agents to be more efficient, bring greater job satisfaction, and lower agent turnover. After all, human assistance is often essential.

Mobilize an Army of Bots to automate  so that your contact center agents can focus their skills where they are most needed.

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