Anti-Fraud BOT

I alert customers to potential fraud activity before it gets out of control. I reach out proactively to them checking and validating suspicious activity and transactions. I also respond to customers reporting issues and initiate the correct actions.  I have a nose for investigation and avoiding major problems.

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Customer Journeys

  • Early alerts to potential fraud activity 
  • Day and night access to handle customer concerns
  • Immediate response to reports of potential fraud
  • Eliminate risk and avoid losses for customers

How I Help the Business

  • A proactive approach to alerting customers to potential fraud and preventing losses and concern
  • Respond instantly to customer’s report of suspicious activity and take corrective measures to limit losses
  • Free up agents to handle more complex fraud or risk management issues
  • Reduce losses and reputation damage through early and proactive action

How I Help the Customer

  • 24/7 response to reports of potential fraud issues
  • Speedy alerting of suspicious activity allows the customer to take appropriate actions
  • Timely actions that either avert losses or validate the customer transactions as non-fraudulent  
  • Limit risk and potential losses

My Metrics

# issues handled

% fraud detected

# customers impacted

% resolved successfully

$ averted losses



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