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Cathal McGloin is a serial entrepreneur and engineer with a passion for emerging technologies that enable businesses to solve customer problems and achieve greater business efficiency. He founded ServisBOT in 2016, with his brother, Ray, and two other avid technologists, with a vision to help enterprises leverage AI to automate customer and/or employee interactions.

Previous to this venture, Cathal founded FeedHenry in 2010, a provider of a mobile application platform that helped businesses build and manage mobile apps to better serve their customers and employees. FeedHenry was acquired by Red Hat Inc. in 2014.

Having seen how mobile devices and apps transformed the way that businesses interacted with their customers, Cathal foresaw how the rise of conversational interfaces and advancements in natural language processing technology would provide the next interface for the enterprise to engage with customers and employees via digital channels.

An engineering graduate of University College Dublin, Cathal has been involved in many different software enterprises over the course of his career and is a passionate advocate for open source software and the power of digital technologies to disrupt “business as usual”.

His first entrepreneurial venture began in 1998 with the founding of contact center analytics company, Performix Technologies, which changed how call center agent performance was measured, by empowering agents to play a significant role in their goal setting and performance management. Performix was acquired by Nice Systems in 2006.

Having relocated from Ireland to Boston, USA, in 2000, Cathal maintains connections in both the European and US markets and manages ServisBOT’s development team based in Ireland.

When he is not immersed in his technology ventures, Cathal is deeply involved with New England Disabled Sports (NEDS), where he is a ski coach for people with disabilities and a board member of the charity, responsible for fundraising. When he finds time to relax, he enjoys cooking a meal with friends and savoring a nice wine.

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