Insurance Renewal BOT

Need to renew an insurance policy or other membership? My job to to make sure that your customers renew their policy and don’t switch. I automate renewal reminders, send the appropriate paperwork, update any pricing or other information, manage any price matching on competitor offers, and confirm the renewed policy.

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Customer Journeys

  • Automate renewal reminders and update policy information
  • Ensure that renewals don’t lapse
  • Smooth management of any required paperwork 
  • Frequent engagement, not just at renewal builds a relationship
  • Price matching with competitive offers

How I Help the Business

  • Efficient renewal process improves retention rates
  • Automate and streamline the renewal process
  • Free up human agents for more complex renewals issues 
  • Optimize revenue through better retention
  • Build relationships through ongoing customer engagement

How I Help the Customer

  • Transparency of renewal process with timely alerts of renewal dates and details 
  • Fast and efficient processing of paperwork around renewals
  • First-class experience that builds loyalty

My Metrics

# customer renewals

% customers renewed

% increase in customer retention rate

$ amount of renewals processed



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