If you run operations in the field. I am your bot! I help schedule, manage work orders, and deliver information to your remote field workers. Whether they are utility crews, delivery teams, or sales representatives, they need to get to the right site, with the right tools and information to complete their work orders as efficiently as possible.

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Customer Journeys

  • Automate and improve field workforce scheduling
  • Access to relevant customer information to complete the job
  • Complete work orders faster and more efficiently

How I Help the Business

  • Automate and streamline field workforce management 
  • Free up back office staff to handle more complex field service issues
  • Lower cost of service delivery 

How I Help the Customer

  • 24/7 access to requested information and documents without need for human staff
  • Improved scheduling

My Metrics

# workorders

# field worker requests handled

% requests passed to human agents

average #workorders completed


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