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Integrate Business Data into Smart Conversations

Our Conversational AI Platform takes an API-first approach that enables you to integrate with your enterprise systems so that data can be blended into bot conversations. We provide the mapping of conversational constructs, such as Intents and Slots, to systems your business is already enabled to understand. Our full suite of enterprise developer tooling makes it easy to get up & running with the bot platform, including full CLI access & support for common SDLC practices.

Benefits of Developing Bots with Us

back-end connectors

Back-end Connectors

enterprise developer experience

Enterprise Developer Experience

debug and test bots

Debug, Test & Analyse Bots

aws cloud

Access AWS Services

Back-end Connectors Integrate Business Data 

Connecting complex CRMs, Service Desk, Contact Center, HR, or other systems to your conversational experiences has never been easier. Our Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) takes the pain out of integrating your bots with business systems, querying data from them, and even completing transactions, using conversation as the conduit.

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Enterprise Developer Experience

We let you choose your preferred tooling. All functionality that is available within our administrative portal is complemented with our `sb-cli` command line tool. We also play nice with existing SDLC practices. Use your favourite IDE to modify bot definitions, utterances, intents and slots. Version using the SDLC tooling of your choice, and set up CI/CD pipelines backed by our command line tooling for deployment.

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Debug, Test & Analyze Bots

Our debug logger gives you insights to the internal workings of your bots, for example, logging consumption, tracking API calls, and indicating potential issues. Once you’ve debugged your bot, our BotRunner allows you to validate it so that it continues to function as you’d expect. Then it’s time to analyze your bot in action. Our goal tracking & bot metrics enable you to evaluate bot performance over time and monitor potential issues.

Tools Get Your Chatbots to Market Faster

Push out your chatbot solutions faster while also ensuring that enterprise data is not at risk? Get more than just simple front-end tooling to build your bots. We understand the enterprise requirements and have designed our platform accordingly. Access provisioned API connectors, CMS content, co-browsing commands, universal timeline elements, bot orchestration, NLP, and analytics. ServisBOT gives you a rich enterprise-grade bot building space, decoupled from the outside world.

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Test & Monitor

“The Servisbot integration with Zendesk was a dream. The ServisBOT platform did the heavy lifting in terms of the coding side. It was all integrated within their platform”

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