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Exceptional Customer Experience, In A Nutshell.

We focus on the application of technology to create memorable, first-class customer conversations that reflect your brand.

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Make it Easy to Connect, But Not Forget.

We eliminate queuing, long wait-times on hold and frequent transfers that require you to repeat yourself to a new advisor. We promote responsibility for follow up and timely resolution through SLAs.

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Messaging: Multi-Channel, Mobile Centric.

We allow customers to engage with your business through their preferred channel and at their own pace. We unify all communications into one, asynchronous conversation, available across all digital channels.

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AI Helps Us Understand Better.

We have a multi-classifier, broker-based approach that uses contextual reasoning and narrowly focuses on response outcomes that are tailored to your industry and your specific business requirements. We help you engage better via smarter conversations.

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Automation is the Key to Lower Costs.

We allow business analysts to automate process flows, map out conversations and create custom bots using our visual designer. We help you increase the level of automation and self-service to drive down costs.

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Seamless Transfer between Humans and AI.

ServisBOT works in partnership with your customer engagement team to prioritize requests the way you want. That means we can detect your most valued customers, and the most urgent requests, then handle them appropriately via a combination of AI-powered ServisBOTs and AI-assisted human agents.

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Creating an Agile Customer Engagement Culture.

Our solution is designed for real-life customer engagement – that means dealing with issues that occur unexpectedly and impact large numbers of customers. You can’t always plan for these occurrences, so we allow you to create ad hoc bots and conversation flows that can react in real-time to events.

It Keeps Getting Better.

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