I help customers set and manage appointments in an accurate and efficient fashion by allowing them to proactively book/modify appointments, sending reminders and confirmations, tracking estimated arrival times, and enabling customers ratings.

Customer Journeys

  • Proactively alert customers to set annual appointment
  • Schedule appointments
  • Modify appointment date/time anytime without human intervention
  • Confirm appointments in advance and send ETA updates
  • Virtually meet service provider and ask pre-call questions

How I Help the Business

  • Automate handling of tasks using AI and AI bots
  • Increase availability of service with no additional staffing costs
  • Minimize instances of last-minute cancellations and changes
  • Collect feedback on appointment quality and respond appropriately

How I Help the Customer

  • Conveniently schedule, modify and receive appointment reminders
  • No more long call wait times or transfers
  • Day-of-service updates, pinpoint actual arrival time rather than waiting around for long service windows

My Metrics

# appointments set

# appointments modified/canceled

% status feedback given

% conflicts resolved

on-target scheduling

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