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ServisBOT is transforming customer service for today’s digital consumers providing on-demand access via messaging channels and enabling a shift to a more responsive and agile service organisation

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At ServisBOT, we are passionate about customer service and believe that modern technology can play a role in reinventing a new class of service that puts the customer first and not the process. Our mission is to set a new benchmark for great customer service in a digitally transformed world by delivering simple, elegant and powerful solutions in customer interaction management. We believe technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and voice recognition can help to achieve this.


Our product allows consumers to engage with a company in a manner and timing that works of them using common messaging apps and in-app chat. They receive a first-class service without all the waiting, transferring and repetition associated with a typical service experience. The product uses chatbots and machine learning to improve automation and efficiency, as well as collaboration tools and user-driven command interfaces to provide a single view of the customer and improve agent productivity.

ServisBOT brings together four key technologies to enhance the customer interaction process and deliver a more agile service experience.

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Messaging and chat apps have overtaken social media apps in terms of sheer volume and usage, and have become the predominant form of communication for many people. This is the future of one-to-one communication. There are many different apps that all have unique features, which means that consumers often have two or more apps that they regularly use to communicate.



Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around a long time but the technology has matured in recent years. The processing power of everyday computers and smartphones, and the ability to transfer and process large volumes of data, means that AI is no longer the stuff of science fiction  ̶  think Siri, Alexa and Cortana. The next phase is applying this to everyday problems to make life easier and provide a better user experience.



Collaboration tools such as Slack and Teams are showing how messaging and chat can help reverse the growth of email in the workplace. Indeed, the combination of human interaction and bots is changing the nature of office work and how we communicate with our colleagues and customers.


Machine Learning

Machine learning and big data often go hand in hand as we move from a world of business intelligence (reporting on past aggregates) to a world of predictive analytics (reporting on predicted insights). This is only possible through the application of machine-learning algorithms to the vast amounts of data that is generated all around us every day. Machine learning is not an activity in itself, but it will become a property of all applications that need to adapt in an agile, digitally transformed world.

ServisBOT AI-assisted chatbot


  • Support for all major chat and social media messaging apps as well as feature-rich, in-app support (web and mobile)
  • Asynchronous / non-real time communication designed around high agent productivity
  • Automation through user-configurable chatbots
  • Discussion boards which keep the customer and performance at the centre of attention across functions
  • Omni-channel support with integrations to existing contact centre technology
  • Rich machine-learning algorithms to improve productivity and service
  • Queue and state management to improve work flow across the entire organisation and ensuring no customer ever gets forgotten
  • Customer broadcasts allowing queue managers to deal with bulk queries with a single push message
  • Task-oriented user interface for collaboration and a single view of the customer
  • Command line access to backend integrations and third-party systems
  • Event logging providing a detailed register of all agent (human or bot) activity
  • Data visualisation presenting information from multiple backend systems to the user as and when they need it avoiding system and screen hopping
ServisBOT chatbots

Powerful automation designed for humans

Typical uses include:
  • General customer service departments seeking operational excellence
  • Specialised queues with prescribed processes
  • Customer processes subject to regulatory compliance
  • Case handling
  • Customer escalations
  • Customer retention teams
  • Premium customer service units
  • Refunds and returns

The ServisBOT Team

We are a diverse bunch of people with a common purpose: to deliver simple but powerful technical solutions to customer interaction management challenges. We come from a variety of backgrounds including customer service operations, open-source, mobile app platforms and cloud technology.

Cathal McGloin
Cathal McGloin
Founder and CEO
Cathal is responsible for strategy and sales at ServisBOT and building a great team. He was previously founder and CEO of FeedHenry, a mobile application technology company sold to Red Hat in 2014. Prior to that he was President of Arantech (sold to Tektronix Communications in 2009) and he was CEO and co-founder, together with Ray, of Performix Technologies, delivering Employee Performance Management solutions to contact centres and sold to Nice Systems in 2006.
Ray Mcgloin
Ray McGloin
Founder & VP Product
Ray oversees the product, design and research teams at ServisBOT. Previously, Ray worked as the Head of Product and Propositions at RWE npower, where he experienced first-hand the challenges of consistently delivering the customer experience, operational cost, commercial opportunities and compliance obligations against a background of ever-increasing competition and regulation.

Prior to this, Ray worked in a variety of senior contact centre operational and management consulting roles for Sky Betting &Gaming, RWE npower, AT&T and Verizon Wireless, AOL, Digifone, Virgin, QVC and Barclays.

Chris Doyle
Chris Doyle
Founder and Lead Engineer
Chris is co-founder and Lead Engineer in the ServisBOT Software Development team and is responsible for the cutting edge technologies that blend messaging, AI and enterprise class workflow management technologies. Previously Chris was the CRM lead for RWE nPower Customer Services responsible for the delivery of strategic CRM solutions including SAP and operational solutions encompassing Complaint Management, Case Base Reasoning and Performance Management.

Chris has also worked in a variety of senior Software development leadership and Architecture roles across a number of sectors including Nuclear, Maritime, Satellite Comms, Airline and Engineering industries for companies including British Airways, Royal & Sun Alliance, BNFL, Inmarsat and Lloyds Register.

Cian Clarke
Cian Clarke
Co-Founder and Principal Engineer
Cian is a co-founder and principal engineer focused on messaging and virtual assistant technology  at ServisBot. An early technologist, he founded his own web consultancy business at 16. Cian was an early member of the original FeedHenry team, where he lead developer evangelism, contributed to engineering and key M&A due diligence prior to exiting to Red Hat. An open source advocate, Cian has authored & contributed to many projects. Prior to this, Cian worked on IBM’s social software team, and ran a variety of independent contracts in his consulting shop.

Join us

We are keen to recruit like-minded individuals who have a keen interest in the following technologies:

  • cloud and mobile
  • machine learning and natural language processing
  • Devops
  • Node.js and React
  • Chatbots and
  • UI/UX

If you believe that great technologies such as these can transform the lives and of the ordinary consumer and deliver great experiences to them, we would love you to join our team. Send your resume/CV to

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