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Explore one or more of our test drives to see how we apply messaging, AI and automation across multiple digital channels to improve the customer service experience without increasing cost of delivery.


An Alternative to Live Chat

Use the ServisBOT messenger to chat with Botty about the key advantages of messaging over Live Chat. Using text and video we’ll detail some of the benefits that customers will experience: 24/7 availability, sessionless technology, access across all digital channels and lower cost of service.

Artificial Intelligence

Meet our Virtual Assistant

Learn more about ServisBOT via our multi-classifier, broker-based approach to AI with Botty, our “Servis” Bot in chief as your virtual guide. Try asking Botty questions like, “Tell me about your AI?”, “How are you different from a chatbot company?”, “What is an Army of Bots?”. As you ask unfamiliar questions, we train Botty, making him smarter for the next test driver.

Service Automation

Build Your Own Bot

Botty takes the wheel to demonstrate how a specialized Army of Bots can automate tasks once requiring humans. See a few tasks our bots can automate like: password-reset or send-my-statement, and witness automation getting customers quality answers, quickly, 24/7. So go ahead, say “hi” to Botty to begin the test drive and begin dreaming of your own Bot Army.

Queue Jump

Move to New Channels

Sick of waiting on hold for an agent? So are your customers. In this drive, Botty will guide your movement from an AWS voice channel to a messaging channel. Once in the messaging channel, see how AI and automation empower bots to resolve frequently asked questions, 24/7 with zero wait time.


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