Meet the Bots

Many ServisBOTs, One Mission.

We make it easy to create and deploy an army of unique ServisBOTs each dedicated to elevating the customer service experience. All are united by one goal: to deliver exceptional customer service in today’s digital world.

What Exactly Is A ServisBOT?

Meet Some of Our Favorite Bots

Front-Line Bots

Our customer-facing bots directly interact with your customers—assisting them from inquiry to resolution and follow up. They work in partnership with human reps to elevate customer service responsiveness, engagement and quality.



I’m your closer—I’ll come on the scene when it’s time to wrap that ticket up and make sure you’re delighted.



At your service, whenever you’re ready! Come back when the time’s right for you, and we’ll pick up right where we left off.



Once your inquiry is initiated, you’ll be working with me. I’ll coordinate so the right bot or human gets you what you need.



Let’s talk—but don’t try and distract me. I’m focused on the customer service task at hand, so I’m only going to provide answers relevant to your business.


I’m in it to win it. Trust me, I’ll reach out and engage lost customers with my wit and charm. And, convert them back with offers they can’t refuse. 



Come on in, don’t be shy! I’m here to greet you and learn how we can best serve you.

Communication Bots

There are many ways for your customers to communicate with you. Our Communication bots monitor the different channels we support — social, mobile, in-app, voice, SMS, or web chat — and funnel all requests to a central conversation channel, so there always is a single view of the customer. And in the event you need to notify your customer of an emergency situation, you have multiple ways of reaching them, ensuring they get the info they need in a timely manner. You name it, we’re there.



STAY CALM! I got it covered. I’ll alert you if it’s REALLLLLY important.

message bot


I’m the messenger. Don’t shoot me. I look after mobile and web channels.



I’m a texting pro. If texting is your jam, hit me up, I’m your bot.



I live for inbox organization. If you want to handle service interactions through an email chain, I’m the bot for you.



Let’s be friends! If you reach out on Facebook, I’ll monitor the status of your claim.



I’ll be your favorite #channel. Send me a message and I’ll handle your request.

Backoffice Bots

Once your inquiry is underway, our backoffice bots spring into action. From interpreting specific language to serving up rich media, collecting information and scheduling follow ups, we are the unsung heroes in the back office, providing the assistance needed to solve complex service requests with ease.



I got it! I got it! If you need something from the knowledge base I’d be happy to get it for you.



Need your money back? I’ll get that done in a jiffy. No humans required.



I handle all the paperwork, without the paper. I serve up and process relevant forms right in the context of our messaging conversation.



Organization is my middle name. If any follow-ups need to happen, I’ll be sure to schedule them for a time that works for you.



I know all the hippest lingo. Slang? Totallyyy. Typos or misspellings? Know problem. Emojis? I know how you feel.

Management Bots

Your customer doesn’t always see them, but they’re always there. Our management bots work tirelessly behind the scenes to coordinate all of the tasks that allow inquiries to be handled quickly, accurately and efficiently.



The only thing better than meeting expectations is exceeding them! I track service quality to ensure you’re meeting your SLAs.



Need to show how well we are doing? Ask me—I can tell you everything.



Do you remember everything we just did?—because I do. I’ll create a complete audit trail, then place it in your virtual file.



I keep all these bots in line. I’ll make sure regulations are followed and everything is in order in case auditors stop by.



Nothing gets by me. I’ll track your ticket, keeping everything up-to-date so you’re never asked the same question twice or lost in the system.



Line up! But don’t worry, I’ll update you on wait times and keep that line moving. Or if your need is urgent, I’ll jump you to the front of the queue (just don’t tell anyone).

Tech Bots

You want to use ServisBOT, but it has to fit into your existing service ecosystem. Our tech bots play nice with your existing CRM and contact center solutions. We’ll make sure that all of your systems are in sync—with your customer right at the center.



A-Aye Captain. I’m the brains of the bunch.



Send me a message, I’ll know what you mean. I understand words in context, which means I’ll get your request right the first time.



If a human customer service rep should get involved, I’m your go-to bot. I’ll let them know what’s up and prep them to speak with you.

integration bot


I’m the bridge between ServisBOT and your current system of record. I’m versed in many languages—including CRMs and contact centers.

bot of your dreams

Don’t See the Bot of Your Dreams?

Fear not! We enable our customers to create and deploy specialized bots in a matter of minutes. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Identify a repeatable or recurring service challenge.
These can be as specific as you like.

2. Create your ServisBOT in minutes.
ServisBOTs pair advanced AI and automation to solve specific service challenges.

3. Give your ServisBOT a name and send it on its way!
Its sole purpose is to serve your customers better.

Just for fun, submit your bot idea and clever description. If your bot is selected, we’ll name it, dress it and enlist it in our Army of Bots. And, we’ll send you a token of our appreciation.

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