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Empowering Bot Building for All

Our platform empowers your operations, customer service, HR and IT teams to create bot solutions that meet their business objectives, providing a collaborative and centralized approach that brings speed and security to all bot deployments. Business leaders will delight in being self-sufficient in creating bots and getting them to market quickly. But this agility doesn’t mean sacrificing control over technology, security, and integration which are centralized via the platform but accessible to all.

Benefits to Your Organization


Self-Service Bot Building


Centralized Security & Integration

multiple use cases

Multiple Bot Use Cases


Get Bots to Market Faster

Single Point of Access to Bots

Imagine a world where you have a single place to interact via natural language, in your desired channels and across different use cases, regions, and departments. Think of how this reduces friction and brings more consistency to your brand. Whether it’s for your customers or employees, our model of a single point of access to all your bots brings control and efficiency to all your conversational experiences.

Chatbot Strategy

Tools to Support your Complete Bot Journey

From managing your NLP vendors to composing your bot experiences and monitoring bot performance, our platform supports your complete bot journey and all those involved. Starting with one of our bot blueprints, your business analysts can quickly create bots, hook up data, and deploy in minutes. Your enterprise developers can access tools that help them connect bots securely to back-end data and services.

Our Services Guide your Chatbot Journey

Like many businesses, you may be new to enterprise chatbots. Maybe you are scaling conversational solutions across other parts of your business. No matter where you are on your chatbot journey, we can help guide and support you. From the early stages of prioritizing your bot use cases, to designing the conversational flow, prototyping and building your bots, and deploying and managing them, we have services to match your unique needs.

planner bot

Plan & Design

builder bot

Build & Deploy

monitoring bot

Monitor & Manage

“It took 10 weeks, from selecting ServisBOT to launching our ‘Quote-to-Sale’ Bot, which is phenomenal. And it wasn’t a lightweight solution.”

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