Insurance Claims BOT

I make it easy for customers to file a new insurance claim ‘round the clock, and am always available to retrieve status/answer questions on an existing claim. Use me in conjunction with existing claims process and even for proactive renewals.

Customer Journeys

  • Submit, track or get claim status via bot
  • 24/7 question handling for claim related FAQs
  • Report an accident: capture key details, photos, in real-time
  • Access key policy and other info via mobile
  • Proactively support the renewal or upsell process

How I Help the Business

  • Improved access to customer service without the staffing costs
  • Automated handling of claims process and tasks using AI and bots
  • Capture and validate claim data quickly and reliably
  • Auto-assist to manage the customer journey and reduce costs

How I Help the Customer

  • Increased convenience and accessibility at all times
  • File claims instantly and more conveniently
  • Capture and record information at the scene
  • Ask and receive instant updates on where the claim stands

My Metrics

# unique claims filed

# claims processed

% claims updated/resolved

% routing by intent

Processing time

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