I’m your cheerful virtual assistant, receptionist and brand ambassador.
Find me online 24/7 processing inbound inquiries and FAQs and routing them to the appropriate bot or human to handle.

Customer Journeys

  • General reception bot on website or in-app for service or sales
  • Premium assistant for VIP customers or loyalty program
  • Out-of-hours assistance on support web page
  • Eliminate holding on customer service voice queues
  • More cost effective alternative to live chat

How I Help the Business

  • 24/7 access to customer service without staffing costs
  • Automated handling of processes/tasks using AI and bots
  • Consistent experience across channels
  • Reduced costs of service delivery

How I Help the Customer

  • Increased convenience and access across all channels
  • Eliminate dropped live chats, call holding and transfers
  • Immediate response to common requests and FAQs
  • Higher engagement rates

My Metrics

# unique contacts

Total messages

# engagements/customers

% intents resolved

% routing by intent

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