Winning Conversational AI Awards

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Winning industry awards is great but the positive business results generated from rolling out innovative Conversational chatbot solutions are even better.

ServisBOT is proud to be WINNERS for the following prestigious awards:

2021 Conversational AI Awards

Computing AI & Machine Learning Award 2021

ServisBOT wins for the Best Use of Conversational AI 

“ServisBOT clearly sets out the challenges it means to address and tells a compelling story about how it solves them.”


AI Breakthrough Award 2021

ServisBOT wins for Best Chatbot Platform

2020 Conversational AI Awards

Celent Model Insurer Award 2020

 ServisBOT Client, the AA Ireland wins in the category Digital and Emerging Technology

Celent Model Insurer

“AA Ireland has pragmatically delivered bots to improve customer service, increase sales, and reduce the impact on the call center. This initiative has been delivered swiftly and successfully. The project leveraged ServisBOT and pre-existing bots partially trained to the tasks required.”



The Forum Awards 2020

ServisBOT and AA Ireland recognized as Highly Commended in the Category Supplier Client Partnerships

Forum Award


“The partnership of AA Ireland and ServisBOT was highly commended by judges for the way in which the suppliers could enable such rapid digital transformation for their client’s business – especially the way in which a small team of chat advisors could test& learn, using chatbots to make sales even more effective.”


2019 Conversational AI Awards

CCMA Irish Customer Contact and Shared Service Award 2019

The AA Ireland Wins in the Category for Best Sales Campaign

Customer Contact Management Association


“The judges were highly impressed with the speed of deployment of the AA Ireland chatbot implementation and the resulting sales outcomes. The integration of the chatbot into the sales and renewal process has resulted in significantly better sales conversions and enabled AA Ireland to compete on experience rather than just price.”


These wins are a testament to ServisBOT’s vision and innovative application of conversational AI bots and solutions across different industries and use cases.

Whether it was the AI assistant that helps prospective customers in the pre- and post-quote phase of the sales journey, the call deflection bot that routes customers away from long wait times for live agents to more automated digital self-service channels, or the renewal bot that can proactively remind customers of their upcoming policy renewal, our clients saw the potential for digital AI assistants to blend the best of AI-powered automation and the human touch. In doing so businesses have reaped the rewards of improved business success and an appetite to expand these solutions across other customer and employee journeys. 

Discover more case studies that demonstrate how our customers have deployed highly successful chatbot solutions and to hear the compelling story from the AA, watch this short video

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