I help with anything that is related to billing or invoicing. I can answer queries about customer bills, send reminders about a bill, or help resolve issues with bills. I work 24/7 to make the billing experience better for your customers and more efficient for you.

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Customer Journeys

  • Automated billing process  
  • Day and night access to request billing information
  • Billing issues resolved quickly and efficiently on customer’s time

How I Help the Business

  • Proactive approach to billing and invoicing
  • Correct and timely billing helps with timely collections
  • Free up agents to handle more complex billing issues
  • Reduced costs of service delivery around billing issues

How I Help the Customer

  • 24/7 availability to billing services
  • identify and resolve billing issues quickly and efficiently
  • Transparency of the customer journey

My Metrics

# bill-related requests handled

% requests resolved 

$ amount bills processed


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