Transforming Customer and Employee Engagement with Conversational AI


A Conversational AI Platform for the Enterprise

The ServisBOT Conversational AI Platform, built on AWS technologies, empowers IT and line of business users to create virtual assistants, chatbots and natural language solutions, quickly and easily. 

Our bots can be deployed in multiple languages across channels like Amazon Connect, Alexa, messaging, SMS, mobile, web, voice and email. Centralizing bot development allows for better coordination of bots across the business, more consistent brand experience and more secure and scalable deployments.

Chatbots have the power to transform interactions with customers and employees, across both inbound and outbound journeys. The ServisBOT platform centralizes all the tools and services needed to create exceptional bot experiences.

How it Works

va bot

The Virtual Assistant (VA)

The VA is the brain of the engagement, coordinating all conversations with the user. It understands user intent and routes requests accordingly to the bot(s) who is best skilled to execute the request.

army of bots

An Army of Bots

Smart bots interact with users to perform tasks like accessing information, escalating issues, onboarding customers, scheduling appointments or managing applications. Bots can handle inbound requests or reach out proactively.

builder for ai bots

Bot Building Made Easier

Our bot building tools support both business users and developers. The platform provides tooling for IT to build and test bots for scale, while bot blueprints and visual design tools allow businesses to get bots to market faster.

automate with bots

Automate Customer and Employee Journeys

Smart bots streamline complete journeys and automate business workflows. An integration layer securely injects enterprise data into conversation flow to enhance user experience and improve business outcomes.

smarter bot

Make your Bots Smarter

Whether it’s learning new skills, different languages or making small talk, bots built on our platform continue to get smarter. The orchestration approach is also critical to raising bot IQ faster and more efficiently.

bot channels

Different Journeys, Multiple Channels

Smart bots can be built for inbound or outbound journeys, for employees or customers. By supporting bot deployment across all digital channels, businesses can meet users in their preferred channel for service.

Certified AWS Security Practices

At ServisBOT, security is baked into everything we do. We provide enterprise-class security features to ensure customer data is always protected, never aggregated, always isolated and under your control. Our customers rest easy knowing their information is safe, their interactions are secure, and their business processes are protected.

We provide best in class security through a combination of enterprise SaaS features, specialized ServisBOT features, and operational excellence within the disciplines of physical, application, data and network security, as well as compliance, availability and business continuity.

ServisBOT and AWS Services

Built as a serverless SaaS offering on AWS, the platform contains the following core AWS services — AppSync, Lamda, Dynamo, Lex and Sagemaker. These services are extended by Translate, Polly, Transcribe, Comprehend, Rekognition and Sumerian.

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